Gonzalo Rauzo, c. 1980

Gonzalo Roberto Díaz Salazar José Rauzo (7 October, 1905 – 20/21 July 1992; died aged 87) was an Sidanese politician and revolutionary, who served as the First Prime Minister of Altivebrian Sidano from 1939 till 1953, and then as the second Premier of Altivebrian Sidano from 1953 till 1984.

After his defeat in the Battle of Sidano, he was captured by the Military of Alconbria and was imprisoned for 18 years, till his execution in 2002.


Early lifeEdit

Gonzalo is the eldest son of Emiliano Rauzo and Elvira Rauzo. His father was a rich rubber and sugar plantation owner, and was a member of the ruling Spanish body of Sidano. After the Spanish left Sidano in 1894, his father became the Altivebrio appointed Governor of Sidano, personally being appointed by President Benito Portillo.

Gonzalo was educated in an Altivebrian military school, making him fluent in both Sidanese and Spanish.

Military careerEdit

Gonzalo joined the Altivebrio Defense Forces in 1921, and was promoted to the equivalent of a Major in 1928.

Gonzalo Rauzo deserted the ADF during the Battle of Gopes and joined the Revolutionary Army of Sidano as a Colonel in 1935. He was convicted of several war crimes during the Siege of Vavae, but was never apprehended due to a lack of a military judicial system in the Revolutionary Army.

Under his leadership, the Revolutionary Army lost the Battle of the Planthills, but won the Battle of Scorgio and the decisive Battle of Einvoriano, boosting his popularity.

Political careerEdit

Under the advise of his father, Gonzalo joined the Kimato Revolutiono and using his father's influence, got promoted to a high-ranking position.

In 1939, he became the Prime Minister of Altivebrian Sidano.

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