Gizerta Alconbrian Phrutos
MottoKaitz gyer Ulnat
FormationMarch 30, 2006; 11 years ago (2006-03-30)
FounderArgio Piuso
Ernaldo Flehavenz
Beaton Kuldez
Founded atNew Alcacer
TypeAdvocacy group
Headquarters1419 Stegner Avenue,
Boston Bay, New Alcacer
Membership (2017)
Official language
Rugor Tirvek
Argio Piuso
Claudia Delao
Main organ
GAP Vexillatio
SubsidiariesInsivy Insurance
Budget (2016)
Revenue (2016)
Expenses (2016)$8,384,238
Volunteers (2014)
MissionTo protect the Alconbrian people from external invaders by the usage of power and force.

The Society of Purity (Alconbrian: Gizerta Alconbrian Phrutos) is an Alconbrian advocacy group that advocates Alconbrian nationalism, and the Pure State Plan to the Government of Alconbria.

The Gizerta, as of 2017, has over 2 million members, and nearly 90% of the ruling Alconbria People's Party being it's members. The Gizerta is proclaimed by the Native Party to be the only lobbying group in Alconbria, and the same party had also called it a 'racist terrorist organization'. The Gizerta also has members belong to other political parties, mainly the United Party for Progression, the Reformist Party and the Environmental Party.


GAP's primary source of funding is donations by Alconbrians worldwide, as well as money provided by it's members. In 2010, Rosario Mentiroso allowed the GAP to procure necessary funds from the Government of Alconbria. The GAP received over $60 million dollars from the government in 2011 alone.

Prominent membersEdit


GAP meets at schools and universitiesEdit

Ever since independence, GAP members hold awareness meets all around Alconbria; in schools, colleges and universities. In 2010, a GAP member told in an Alconbrian elementary school that "Malpuros are uncivilized human beings; who are either landless farmers or terrorists." He urged the children to support the Pure State Plan.

GAP's involvements in school proved to be successful. A survey in 2011 concluded that Alconbrian children are more likely to hate Malpuros, and give support to the PSP when they grow up.

GAP VexillatioEdit

GAP's Vexillatio, it's alleged armed security unit has come under fire for attacking Malpuros in the Metsarbarros. The Vexillatio is trained by the Alconbrian Armed Forces, and receive advanced weapons for free from the Army's armory. The Vexillatio have access into the Metsarbarros without restrictions.

On 14 December, 2009; a 6 man Vexillatio attacked the village M3897576; killing 147 Malpuros, injuring over 400 and destroying property worth over $500,000. Of the six, one was convicted of manslaughter by the state court and sentenced to two months in jail, but was released after only two days without any notice. As of 2016, all of the six accused are still serving in the Vexillatio.

On 10 March 2010, fifteen GAZ operatives kidnapped over 148 Malpuro children and dissolved their bodies in sulfuric acid in the wilderness in the metsarbarros. Out of the fifteen, three were found guilty of murder, and were sentenced to life imprisonment by a local Metsarbarro court, but the decision was overturned by the Chief Attorney Sandra Ramirez (a GAP member). The fifteen were pardoned by Ramirez, and received $500,000 each as compensation. Subsequently, the immediately families of the victims were ordered to be deported by Ramirez, with no reason cited.

Forced membershipEdit

It has been widely alleged that GAP forces citizens to join it's cause, by mostly passive ways. Youth affiliated with GAP are likely to receive extra government stipends for education and businesses. Gaining admission in pristine colleges is easier with a GAP membership.

In addition, GAP members receive better state housing and healthcare services, and are also taxed less; usually 5%.

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