Garret Samuel Harrington (born 4 July, 1950) is the 44th President of the United States of America, and the former governor of Washington from 2000 till 2005, and a US Senator from 2006, untill his swearing in as US President on January 20, 2012.

Born as the youngest son of William Harrington, Harrington spent most of his adolescence in Nashville, Tennessee. His father was a US Navy commander who served in the pacific theater in World War II. After graduating from Yale University, Garret joined the Ford Motor Company, eventually being promoted to national sales manager in 1986. Garret left Ford in 1995, and worked as a director, directing an Academy award winning film, The Seventh Tide (1997). Garret joined the Republican Party in 1999, and successfully ran for Governor of Washington in 2000, before stepping down in 2005. Subsequently, he served as the US Senator representing Tennessee from 2006 till 2012. In the 2012 elections, he defeated Democratic candidate Vincent Rogers, even though Garret lost the popular vote.

Garret's first year of Presidency was marked with passing bills to amend public healthcare, and prioritized public education. He spent most of 2013 improving ties between America and China, Russia, Afghanistan, Egypt and Russia. He also liberalized immigration laws, and increased the availability of medicines and decriminalized several banned substances. He also got America involved in the War in Central America, and after a defeat to Alconbria in the war, ordered a full scale invasion of the country in 2014; which was partly successful.

Harrington ran for re-election, and defeated Anthony Parino, and was re-elected, winning 82.4% of the popular vote in the 2016 elections.

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