Gabriella, c.2012

Gabriella Titeriez (born 1967) is an Alconbrian intelligence data analyst, politician and former First Lady of Alconbria. She is married to the fourth President of Alconbria, Ernesto Titeriez and was the First Lady from 2011 till her husband's forced office removal in 2013.

She escaped assassination by going on an unplanned holiday to France to attend the wedding of her friend, with her children. She immediately returned on the 26th of February, after the coup attempt was thwarted to check on her husband. After Titeriez's refusal to continue as President, she formally handed over the position of First Lady to Augustin Voimer's childhood friend, Lohna Safnaro.

As First Lady, she acted as a role model for women, and often campaigned for a future female President. She spread messages about the importance of education, healthcare and culture, and started several charitable schemes and organizations. She launched a nation-wide campaign against obesity and diabetes. She was also an influential fashion icon.

She married Ernesto Titeriez in 1992, and they have 3 children - 2 sons and 1 daughter. As the First Lady, she chose not to make many public appearances. She gave numerous speeches during her husband's election campaigns. In her autobiography titled The Light in the Dark, she describes her career as an intelligence analyst, her career in the Balib, as well as diary entries during her husband's political career. She declined to continue as First Lady following the election of Augustin Voimer, and Voimer was unmarried at that time.

In 2012, she was not granted a diplomatic visa to visit Altivebrio due to her alleged involvement in the 1990 Girzo attacks, 1996 Suderamo massacre and the 2002 Lugar de Avencia massacres. After Ernesto threatened to boycott the bi-country summit, the Government of Altivebrio was forced to give her a visa, and President Servando García Goyena sent her a letter of apology. She visited Nuevo Seville, and toured the country with heavy Alconbrian protection despite intense rioting and heavy police deployment for her safety.

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