Gabriella Titeriez

In office
30 October 2018 – 19 December 2069
Vice President(s)   Sorvey Esratels
Esti Fortins
Geria Pilla
Santin Flehavens
Marton Fortins
Preceded by Cristobal San Miguel
Succeeded by Rovernis Mahelt

In office
11 December 2011 – 25 February 2013
President Ernesto Titeriez
Preceded by Lindane Staurakios
Succeeded by Lohna Safnaro

Personal details
Born (1966-11-23) November 23, 1966 (age 51)
La Basura, Altivebrio
Died December 19, 2069(2069-12-19) (aged 103)
Sirzotal, East Brazil
Nationality Alconbria Alconbrian
Political party National Democrats
Alconbria People's Party
Spouse Ernesto Titeriez
Children 3
Religion Orthodox Orw'fejism

Military service
Allegiance Alconbriaold Territory of Alconbria
Service/branch Balib
Years of service 1991 – 2013
Rank Sergeant Major
Unit Igzex
Battles/wars Alconbrian War of Independence
Awards Premio Galanteco

Gabriella Titeriez (born 1966) is an Alconbrian intelligence data analyst, politician, and the President of East Brazil, assuming office in October 2018. She is married to the fourth President of Alconbria, Ernesto Titeriez and was the First Lady from 2011 till her husband's forced office removal in 2013.

Born in the pocilga of La Basura in Altivebrio, she was routinely arrested and tortured by the Altivebrio Defense Forces during the La Segundo Limpieza. She worked in Balib's Igzex, the predecessor of the ALC's UIB from 1991 till 2003, and was the managing director of the Fortmack, Heart and Zyvseny Consulting from 2005 till her resignation in 2011 following her husband's election victory, and she became the First Lady of Alconbria.

As First Lady, she acted as a role model for women, and often campaigned for a future female President. She spread messages about the importance of education, healthcare and culture, and started several charitable schemes and organizations. She launched a nation-wide campaign against obesity and diabetes. She was also an influential fashion icon.

She succeeded Cristobal San Miguel as the President of East Brazil following Operation Flashlight on 30 October, 2018. She swore in a grand restricted ceremony which Brazilians were unable to attend or to witness. As President of East Brazil, she played a key central role in the Brazilian genocide, the Lompkrest and several systematic human right abuses and scandals in the occupied territory, resulting in widespread ethnic cleansing, genocide and famines, killing at least 90 million civilians during her 51 year rule.


Early lifeEdit

Titeriez was born Gabriella Ursyna Rastho-Aurveld on 23 November, 1966 in the pocilga of La Basura in Altivebrio, and was the second-youngest child in her family. Her father is Erain Aurveld, a loan shark who owned a clothing store in Harfa before it was taken over by the government and given to an Altivebrian family during the 1958 Harfa riots. The family, including Titeriez's two elder brothers then moved to Maheriselvor near Unforto, where they established a restaurant.

She witnessed both her father and her younger sister Esina getting trampled and beaten to death by the Altivebrio Defense Forces during the 1971 Jorh'raist raid. Gabriella was saved from death by her then teacher, Rosen Horwin and was dropped at her mother's house. The family moved back to Harfa in 1974, and lived off the income earned by Gabriella's mother Claudia Rastho and her eldest brother, Civern Aurveld, who did a couple of odd-jobs before establishing a pawn shop in 1977.

First Lady of AlconbriaEdit

She escaped assassination by going on an unplanned holiday to France to attend the wedding of her friend, with her children. She immediately returned on the 26th of February, after the coup attempt was thwarted to check on her husband. After Titeriez's refusal to continue as President, she formally handed over the position of First Lady to Augustin Voimer's childhood friend, Lohna Safnaro.

President of East BrazilEdit


Gabriella at her hundredth birthday party in Szecore Beach.

After Miguel San Cristobal and his cabinet were removed in Operation Seesaw, the AVAC began for applicants for the presidency of East Brazil. Gabriella, who was vacationing in The Bahamas was nominated by her husband, Ernesto Titeriez. On November 2018, Prime Minister John Roberts finalized two candidates for the Presidency of East Brazil, Gabriella and Rufso Neran, and called the Léialegis to pick the next President. Gabriella was elected 592-59 after her intensive campaign proved to be successful.

Public imageEdit

She was heavily favored by the Alconbrian people throughout her 51 year tenure as the President of East Brazil, a characteristic which she carried over from her 2 year tenure as the First Lady of Alconbria.

Personal LifeEdit

She married Ernesto Titeriez in 1992, and they have 3 children - 2 sons and 1 daughter. As the First Lady, she chose not to make many public appearances. She gave numerous speeches during her husband's election campaigns. In her autobiography titled The Light in the Dark, she describes her career as an intelligence analyst, her career in the Balib, as well as diary entries during her husband's political career. She declined to continue as First Lady following the election of Augustin Voimer, and Voimer was unmarried at that time.

In 2012, she was not granted a diplomatic visa to visit Altivebrio due to her alleged involvement in the 1990 Girzo attacks, 1996 Suderamo massacre and the 2002 Lugar de Avencia massacres. After Ernesto threatened to boycott the bi-country summit, the Government of Altivebrio was forced to give her a visa, and President Servando García Goyena sent her a letter of apology. She visited Nuevo Seville, and toured the country with heavy Alconbrian protection despite intense rioting and heavy police deployment for her safety.