The flag of the Free Alconbria Group

The Free Alconbria Group (abbreviated as the F.A.G.) was a political body and a militant organization that rebelled against the authoritarian government of Alconbria. The FAG wanted a democratically elected, secular government that catered to the interests of the people, unlike an authoritarian government which only wanted to amass wealth.

The FAG is declared as a terrorist organization by Alconbria, Cuba and Mexico.

In 2013, the FAG orchestrated a coup on 25th February, 2013 attempting to overthrow President Ernesto Titeriez. The coup initially succeeded and managed to make FAG's leader, Adolfo Machiavelli the President of Alconbria, but however, the loyalist Alconbrian Military staged a coup of their own and restored presidency to the Alconbrian People's Party. Augustin Altiver was then selected to be the president, because according to the constution, a resigned President cannot assume office again, preventing Titeriez from doing so.

Following the unsuccessful coup, a nation-wide manhunt for the members of the FAG was held, in which more than 1000 people were captured, arrested and forced to disappear.

Wouel Macarez, a senior FAG member fled to Guatemala and co-ordinates his FAG meetings from there. As of 2014, the FAG has only 20 official members, 15 in Guatemala, and 5 in Alconbria. According to a press statement by Macarez, the FAG operates more than 200 sleeper cells across Alconbria, but this statement has been considered false by many.


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