Franco Martinez is a high ranking gang member of the Los Santos Vagos, and the elder brother of Hector Martinez. Franco's materilistic nature led him to betray his gang and flee Los Santos with the money, along with Korean gangster Ho Sung-soo.

Franco is the main antagonist of V SP DLC.



Franco was born to white father and a Mexican mother in August 11, 1982. Franco's father frequently abused both Franco and his mother, and left both of them to an European woman in 1985. Franco's mother conceived another baby in 1987, Carla Martinez.

In 1988, the Martinez family moved into Rancho, Los Santos. In 1991, Franco's brother Hector was born.

Franco attended Los Santos Elementary and then attended Davis High School. Franco's mother died of breast cancer in 1993. Franco, Carla and Hector were subsequently raised by their aunt, Juliana Rael.

Joining the VagosEdit

As a child, Franco frequently hung around with Vagos gangsters. Franco dropped out of high school in 1997 and joined the Los Santos Vagos when he was 15 years old. Franco began dealing drugs, selling contraband and also became a merceneray to afford money to pay for Carla's and Hector's education.

Franco was arrested in 1998 for selling drugs. At the point, Franco met Felipe Talavera. Felipe, who was older than Franco became one of Franco's closest allies. They both took part in various wrongdoings together.

Franco met Carlos Vega, a young gangster new to the Vagos in 2013. Franco accepted Carlos as his protege, and using his influence, made Carlos a Vago lieutenant by 2014. As a result of this, Franco always used Carlos to his advantage. Carlos blindly followed Franco, and often acted as his hired muscle. Carlos would often react violently when someone would point out that he was being used by Franco.

In 2016, Hector informs Franco that he is returning after graduating from higher studies in a university. While Hector wanted to stay away from the gang lifestyle, Franco draws him back into it, knowing that his brother could be very useful. Franco provides Hector a house in Rancho, and introduces him to other the other gangsters.

By this time, Franco met a South Korean businessman and the acting leader of the Kkangpae, Ho Sung-soo; who shared similar views about money. They both devised a plan to make loads of illegal money and move to Vice City with it. The plan required Hector. Ho initially wanted to kill Hector after they've got the money, but Franco decided that he shouldn't die and Hector could be useful in using the money as he could be used as a distraction while they move the money to Vice City.

Franco convinced Hector to join the Vagos and to 'help him out in certain matters'. After Hector passed initiation and caught up with the gangsters, he accompanied Franco as he extracted valuable information from a rat.

Later, Hector accompanies Franco as Franco signs a peace treaty with Nasty B of the Ballas, ending the brutal gang-war between the Ballas and the Vagos.

Soon, Hector becomes aware of Franco's plans when Carlos taunted and accidentally killed Vagos gangster Ricardo de la Rosa. Hector chased down and eliminated Carlos. On his dying breath, Carlos told Hector about Franco's plans. Even though Carlos did not know much, he knew of the critical details.

Soon after this, Hector calls Franco and asks what's happening. Franco reveals his true motives, and gives Hector a choice of joining them. If he chose to, he had to betray the Vagos and had to help Franco and Ho to move the money to Vice City, while avoiding the police.

Hector accepts Franco's offer. Hector tells Franco to meet him at Terminal Island so that they could load the cash into the boat owned by the Los Santos Triads. After defending the ship from the FIB, Franco, Ho and Hector move to Sandy Shores where Felipe waited with plane carrying the other half of the money.

They again get attacked by the NOOSE in the airfield. Felipe gets killed by the police. Hector, Ho and Franco get into the plane, along with some Korean gangsters and hired guns. The Koreans and hired guns then later reveal themselves to be FIB agents. A gunfire starts in the plane. Ho suspects Hector had something to with the ambush. Hector kills Ho. Franco attemps to parachute out, leaving Hector alone to die with the FIB. Hector and Franco then fight, Hector mortally wounds Franco and then parachutes out. The FIB then manage to ground the plane, and Fraco gets arrested.

One of the corrupt FIB agents who owed a favour to Hector cleared his charges. Hector walked away free, and restarted his life after he was given a honest job.

After Hector refuses to side with Franco, Franco sends Felipe and some rogue Vagos to kill Hector while he loaded the money safely with Ho. Hector kills Ho and confronts Franco and Ho in the Vinewood Helipads. Fraco planned that he and Ho would escape Los Santos via Ho's helicopters.

After a brief exchange of words, Franco attempts to kill Hector. After fighting various Kkangpae and Triad gunmen, Hector kills Ho. Franco gets in one of the helicopters and flies away. Hector gives chase in the other. After a long chase throughout Los Santos County, Hector manages to blow up Fraco's helicopters. Franco bailes out, and Hector follows suit. Hector intercepts Franco mid-air, shoots him in the forehead and parachutes down.

Franco later becomes the senior gangster of the Vagos.


Franco is a tall and well built man, even taller and muscly than his brother Hector. Franco wears a light brown leather jacket, with dark black aviators and a yellow and blue undershirt. He wears black chinos and white athletic shoe with red accents.

His second appearance is a black hoodie, with denim jeans and men's brown working boots. That outfit also includes a brown belt with VAGOS studded with diamonds.

When hanging out, Franco will either wear a dark black vest with denim shorts, or an oversized white t-shirt with black pants and black athletic shoes.

With all his outfits, he'd also sport a Pfister Design watch, or a G-Shock parody sports watch. Sometimes he'd also wear a steel chain around his wrists.

Franco has also tattooed his left arm.


  • Franco is the only antagonist who is also a sibling of the protagonist.
  • Franco, along with Ray Boccino, Jimmy Pegorino, Devin Weston and Steve Haines are the only antagonists who are betrayed by the protagonist. However, Hector can only be betrayed if the player chooses the 'No Deal' ending, and Devin Weston can be betrayed if the player chooses ending A or C, and Steve Haines can only be betrayed if the player chooses B or C.