Flavia Rossa, c. 2000

Rouva Flavia Rossa (born 7 June, 1950) is an Alconbrian businesswoman, socialite, philanthropist and singer, who is widely known for being the former wife of Antonio Durán and hence, the innagural First Lady of Alconbria.

She married Antonio Durán in 1975, but the couple filed for divorce in 1979. After the divorce, she spent much of her time in France and Sweden, where she lived with the American millionaire Kurt Hershell II. Following Hershell's arrest for corruption and bribery in 1983, she lived in a modest cottage in the England, before returning to Altivebrio in 1984 after the start of the Third Altivebrian Civil War.

She reconciled with Antonio after reuniting with him in 1986, but they both declined to marry, stating that they prioritized their country more than their love life. She began living with Antonio Durán as an unmarried couple, and was presented with the honour of the 'First Lady of Alconbria' in 1989. She approved of Antonio's sexual relationship with her niece and godchild, Eneza Flaventes.


Flavia, c.2014

She moved back to Karlstad, Sweden after Antonio Durán's assassination on 15 May, 1994. She returned to Alconbria in 1998, and became a member of the Starigo Verklagsregluro council. She funded the creation of the Nacio Vahko Instituo (National Cancer Institute) in 1999, and regularly donates to the Valits Extebizo (government housing) program since 1988. She became the chairwoman of Telec, the state-owned telecommunications company in 2001. She co-founded Zinzonte, a satirical magazine in 2003, and established Gaur Alconbria newspaper in 2004. She was one of the signatories of the Gvonn Pact in 2007.

After independence, she moved to a multi-million monero mansion in Los Bruinez. In 2016, she purchased the conquered Walton Islands off the coast of former Altivebrio from the Government of Alconbria for an undisclosed amount of money, and began construction of a 69,000 sq ft estate. Her eldest daughter, Diaĵa Durán is an Alconbrian member of parliament. Her second son, Nick Durán is a computer scientist employed by the Rega Armilaro Corporation. Her third child, a daughter with Antonio Durán born in 1988 named Krejina Durán is an advocate and an activist. Her net-worth was reported to be around § 14 million (USD 7 million).


Though she denied any involvement in politics, she is a supporter of the Alconbria People's Party, and donated §3 million moneros for Ernesto Titeriez's presidential campaign in 2011. She also publicly supported the campaign to impeach President Victor Staurakios, saying "He (Staurakios) is a disgrace. A disgrace to the mighty nation you (the public) have created. Having him as President is insulting and demeaning to our late great leaders like Paul and my husband."

She is against granting a seperate state for the Mayans, and expressed support for peaceful co-existence with the Malpuro Alconbrians. She apparently changed her mind and began promoting the Pure State Plan since 2012. She supports the military police presence in the Metsarbarros, and supported Alconbria's expansion plan after Augustin Voimer took power.

She was criticised by the Native Party for building a 69,000 sq ft mansion in the Walton Islands, displacing over 3000 Altivebrians who've lived there before. The Altivebrians were moved to detention centers. Flavia declined to comment on this matter. Native Party activists then held a protest in front of her yacht which was docked in Puerto Pedro, until they were forcefully dispersed by the police.

She is a staunch opponent of the state's conscription policies.

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