First Beiljio War
Part of Beiljio Wars
Date c.924 – c.989
Location Krug'ta Beiljia (present day Alconbria)
Result Nerdi Beiljio victory
Verdi Verdi Beiljio
Injeira Kingdom of Injeria
Nerdi Nerdi Beiljio
Jruf Lorgfuf (971 – 989)
Jrug:gafrug† (924 – 971)


Grejurf Freg (950 – 989)
Jreforg Lerg† (924 – 950)
2000 soldiers

800 soldiers

1900 soldiers

The First Beiljio War was a war fought between the two Beiljian kingdoms: Verdi Beiljio, aligned with the Kingdom of Injeria and Nerdi Beiljio.

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