First Altivebrian-Mexican War
Part of The Altivebrian-Mexican Wars

Alconbrian irregulars attacking Spanish outposts, November 1850
Date February 10, 1850 – January 19, 1851
Location Altivebrio
Result Altivebrian victory
Mexican withdrawal from Guatemala.

British occupation of Puerto Barrios till 1890.

Mexico Mexico
Alconbria1800s Alconbria
Uk United Kingdom
Altivebrio Altivebrian Empire
Guatemala Guatemala
Spainn Spanish Empire
Mexico Mariano Diaz Carerra
Alconbria1800s Miguel Ferrensias
Britishhonduras Duke of Stanford
Altivebrio King Tomás
Guatemala Emilio Delgado
Spainn Miguel Emparán
Mexico 80,000 regulars
Mexico 5000 volunteers
Alconbria1800s 10,000 irregulars
Britishhonduras 15,000 regulars
Altivebrio 90,000 regulars
Altivebrio 50,000 volunteers
Guatemala 6,500 regulars
Spainn 10,000 regulars

The First Altivebrian-Mexican War is the first of the series of wars fought between the two Hispanic countries of Altivebrio and Mexico, fought between 1850 and 1851. The war, a continuation of the Guatemalan-Mexican War had two sides, the first of which comprised of Mexico, Alconbria- the autonomous region of Altivebrio and the United Kingdom, which sought to increase its settlements in the region and also persuade Altivebrio and Spain to outlaw slavery. The second side consisted of Altivebrio, Guatemala and Spain.

Mexico had already occupied the north of Guatemala prior to the outbreak of the war, and had common borders with the Alconbrian region of Altivebrio. The Alconbrians, despite their autonomy were fearing persecution in Altivebrio, and decided to become a state of Mexico. A referendum (one of the firsts in the region) was held, in which the Alconbrians overwhelmingly voted to join Mexico, but however, the decision was not accepted by the Altivebrian authorities, and invaded Alconbria; triggering the war. Mexico reiterated by launching their own invasion, and the British formed a temorary alliance and joined in the invasion. They were assisted by irregular Alconbrian militiamen. Spain, at that time, still maintained suzerainty over the Altivebrian Empire joined the war, and sent its army to directly confront the Mexican and British forces.

Despite the initial success of the Mexican invasion, the Altivebrian-Spanish alliance turned to be a severe obstace in Mexico's path to victory, and by August 1850, the Altivebrians were on the attack. The Mexicans and the British broke their pact in January 1851, and Mexico surrendered in January 19, 1851; ending the war after the left Guatemala. Immediately, the Governorate of Alconbria was dissolved, its Governor was executed, and it was split into smaller Altivebrian states, removing the autonomy of the Alconbrians.