Cefa Ferrinka Zavoyer (born 19 August, 1968) is an Alconbrian politician who has served as the Governor of Norte Mutalio since April 2008. She is a member of the Alconbria People's Party, and served as the Supreme Commander of the Relvaslukto from 2005 till its disbandment in 2008.

Born in Ladyville, Belize to Alconbrian asylum seekers, Zavoyer graduated from Fordham University in New York. She moved to Nordahaveno in 1993, and joined the Relvaslukto as a foot solider. Using her husband, Raymond Zavoyer's influence, she became the High Commissioner of Mutalio in 1997, and also became the High Commissioner of Altas in 1999. After the creation of Alconbria, she was assumed office as the Governor of Norte Mutalio.


Zavoyer's governorship is the highest rated in all of Alconbria, with the citizens praising her strict and stern government. She is widely known to control Berkrozerk a militant organization, which she uses to suppress the other political parties and potential enemies, turning Norte Mutalio into an APP safezone. One of the well-known incident of her political supression is the 2008 Pas Olez shooting, in which she sent the Berkrozerk to shoot up a SLP gathering in the Pas Olez Club in Ors, resulting in the deaths of more than 300 SLP workers. In December 2008, she declared the Malpuro Liberation Party illegal, and sent over 5,000 suspected dissenters which included women and children to labour camps, and the next month, kicked out all Malpuro Alconbrians from Norte Mutalio. She moved to Belize City after the Invasion of Belize, and lives in a custom-built mansion which occupies nearly 10% of the old city limits. She announced Norte Mutalio as 'first filth-free state' in 2011, referring to the forced exodus of Malpuros and Altivebrians. She is also believed to have order the assassination of Ulk'Arkhassito, a Malpuro candidate who the polls predicted would be the Mayor of Kaetors, the largest Malpuro city in Norte Mutalio before the exodus.

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