Fernando Mesiaco Cartonna (born 28 September, 1960) is an Alconbrian politician who is the country's first Minister of Security, the CCO of the National Police Organization and the Chief Head of Operations of the Kommand Valge.

Born in the La Cabaña refugee camp to Marko and Levica Cartonna, Fernando studied philosophy during his college years, and also worked as a stock broker and assisted hostile takeovers since the age of 15. After the Battle of Sidano, Cartonna, along with his parents moved to Territory of Alconbria where they joined the Military of Alconbria. Cartonna's brother Diego Cartonna stayed back in Mexico, and is the current Mexican ambassador to Alconbria.

After his military intelligence was showcased during battles, he was moved to the intelligence wing of the Arporleber, and joined the Sojadimen during it's creation in 1993. He voluntarily joined the KV in 2002, and became it's head on 2010. President Paul del Santé created the cabinet ministry position of Minister of Security in 2011, and made Cartonna the first minister of security.

Cartonna married Inés Jveharte in 1990, and they both have four children : Carmen, Hroz, Draveco and Zoe. He lives in New Alcacer, while his wife and family reside in Poseine.

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