Feliciano Alberto Latoya (born 24 August, 1973) is an Alconbrian politicial who served as the first Governor of Siartrion from 2008 till 2012, and later the third Minister of Development beginning from 2012.

Latoya was born in Mexico, Mexico to a Mexican father and an Alconbrian mother. The couple divorced in 1982, but still remained together. In 1991, Latoya and his two brothers went off to the Territory of Alconbria, against their parents' wishes to take part in the Alconbrian War of Independence. Feliciano worked as an air traffic controller for the Air Force of the Military of Alconbria, while his brother Serko worked as a vehicle technician. His eldest brother, Marko Latoya was wounded during the Battle of Pleforio.

In 2012, he was the head of a team which concepted Highway C12, a super fast interstate highway which went right through the Metsarbarros; but was off-limits of the Malpuros. The project was approved in 2013, with construction beginning a month after. Over 5000 Malpuros have to be displaced, and approximately 6% of the metsarbarros became inaccessible to the Malpuros. He signed an executive order which prevented compensation for the Malpuros, and as well as ruled that the Malpuros cannot reclaim funds from the state if any family member is killed during the construction.

After the war, Latoya and his brothers joined the Alconbria People's Party. He left the APP and joined the Vistoc Cutar Hevk in 2011. He then married Parve Merfev, a female soldier who had an amputated right arm. In 2012, he gave birth to his first child, Dilvre Latoya and in 2016 to his second, Levia Latoya.