Estella Alessia Landaverde (née Dusnya; born 22 March, 1977) is an Alconbrian politician and businesswoman who is the nation's first Minister of Transport, as well as the CFO of Trengilo, the state transportation company.

Estella was born in New Alcacer in 1977, but was deported to the Territory of Alconbria following the Vargas Declaration in 1987. She completed her education in the Alconbrian territory, and joined the Military of Alconbria in 2001, and served in the navy She left the navy in 2006, and became a leading planner of transportation in the Starigo Verklagsregluro, after being recommended to the post by Claudia Delao. After independence, Estella joined the Alconbria People's Party.

She soon rose to be the CFO of the Trengilo, and declared in 2008 that "Malpuros have no right to use public transport", and ensured marshalls to forcefully evict any Malpuro who tried to avail public transport. The Native Party protested against her law, saying it was unconstitutional and abuse of power, but after the Differentiation Act was passed in 2009, Malpuros were treated as second-class citizens. In 2010, she ran over a 8 year old Malpuro with her SUV in New Avarres. The child survived, but was completely paralyzed. In 2011, she donated 85% of her year's salary (§5,100,000) to Abystato, setting a record. ETRA in 2015 gave her a 80% tax cut, and in 2017, she was given a White Contract active for 20 years. Following this, she donated §2.5 billion to Abystato.

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