The Enspezo & Toperezo Regulacio Aŭtoritato, commonly known as ETRA, or Etra is the revenue service of Alconbria.

ETRA TerminologyEdit

Red NoticeEdit

When accountants at ETRA find that an individuals income after taxation is out of sync with their net worth, they receive a ETRA Red Notice. That individual can either show valid proof of his excess income, or would have to voluntarily give away property to balance out their net worth with their profits after tax.

Gained property is then sent to the Ministry of Finance, who allocates where it has to go, usually to the government funds, but also to welfare schemes, as well as rebates to the public.

Yellow NoticeEdit

When an individual hasn't filed their taxes, they are sent an yellow notice forcing them to do so within a given period of time. If a person accumulates more than 5 yellow notices, they are to be apprehended.

Only 156 yellow notices were issued in 2015, mostly to old people living alone.

Black ContractEdit

A Black Contract is awarded to any person who want's his taxation details, assets held, properties and net worth to remain classified. Only 500 Black Contracts are awarded every year, and that too, with a lucky draw.

Individuals with a Black Contract have to pay a 'Black Fee' regularly to the ETRA to maintain their contracts. Individuals with a Black Contract cannot receive a Red Notice, and when their income doesn't match, they will be arrested and convicted for corruption and tax evasion.

White ContractEdit

A White Contract is contract which gives individuals the right to not be taxed. A White Contract for 10 years means that the person cannot be taxed for the next 10 years, and after the contract is over, normal taxation (though usually, the taxation rates increase) will resume.

A person can only get a White Contract with a government approval, and would need to pay a large number of money (though the money they save from not getting taxed outmatches the money payed to the ETRA). This has been criticized by many, particularly the United Party for Progression as 'legal bribery'.

In 2009, Minister of Revenue & Taxes Victor Staurakios successfully prevented politician Claudia Delao from gaining a White Contract for the next 50 years. This caused a friction between them, leading Delao to openly criticize Staurakios' Presidency, and call for his assassination. She attended Staurakios' execution in 19 December, 2011.

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