Eneza Flaventes, c.2008

Eneza Flaventes (born 1 May, 1975; née Smilanto) is an Alconbrian advocate, lawyer and activist who is infamous for her relationship with First President of the Territory of Alconbria Antonio Durán from 1989 till his death in 1991. The relationship began when she was just 15 years old. Antonio's partner and Eneza's aunt Flavia Rossa was aware of the relationship, and denied to intervene.

The Government of Alconbria tried to keep Antonio's relationship with her a secret, but in Eneza revealed it to the public in her controversial book The Father of My Nation (2008). She was arrested and jailed for 10 years for defamation and spreading lies, but under heavy pressure and protests, President Paul del Santé pardoned her. She then lived in an apartment in Gvonn with her husband, Horatio Flaventes, where she was frequently harassed and attacked by people. Her aunt allowed her and her family to live with her in her mansion is Los Bruinez. She moved to the United States of America in 2009, with her family.

She alone returned in 2014, and lived with Flavia Rossa in the said mansion. She began practising as a lawyer and advocated for women rights, and secularism. In 2014, she released a video titles Pure and Impure, which showed her hugging, kissing and embracing several Malpuro Alconbrians in an attempt to dissuade the people from isolating the Malpuros, and preventing the Pure State Plan. Her aunt heavily disagreed with her video, but said that as an independent Alconbrian woman, she is free to do whatever she wants to. She publicly condemned her aunt for purchasing the Walton Islands in 2016. In 2015, she declined to be accepted as one of Antonio Durán's legal heirs.

As of 2016, she lives in a modest cottage in Los Mallos, and frequently shuttles to America to visit her family.

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