Emily Birtles, c.1948

Emily Ann Birtles (1926 – 1949) was an American financial analyst who served as the personal secretary, and later became the fianceé of businessman Adam Boyd. She was shot and killed on her wedding day by Roy Higgins and Terry Haybone, two assassins sent to kill Adam by his rival Charles Ferguson.

Emily gained recognition by marrying William Herlstein, and becoming his third wife in 1947, but they subsequently seperated and divorced in 1948, after William reunited with his second wife.

Emily kidnapped and killed 14 year old Ralph Lewinsky in 1940, when she was just 14 years old for being a supporter of communism. She also killed 5 year old Devin Carthrope and 8 year old Alice Devellon in 1941, and 80 year old George Livingston in 1942. She killed her university professor Adon Hügelberg in 1944 for unknown reasons. She tortured Eden Herlstein before murdering him in 1948, and set fire to the home of the Herlsteins. She hired her childhood friend Rose Hints to play as a rape victim to successfully defame William Herlstein and Benjamin Hoffmann.

The Emily Birtles Charity Fund, established in 1968 by Adam Boyd's wife Amy Boyd was named in her honour. In 2000, she was made a honorary Bronsell family member, and had her name erected in the Bronsell Wall. There were plans to move her to the family's private graveyard, but Emily's parents refused.

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