Elvero Grevi, c.1959

Elvero Grevi (15 September, 1931 – 9 November, 2005; died aged 74) was an Altivebrian, and later Alconbrian sociologist and military officer who founded the paramilitary organization Balib in 1968.

Elvero was born in Ciudad de Mondez, Altivebrio (present day Alconbria) to Mfelso Grevi, a banker, and Gwen Floewe-Grevi, a politician and Alconbrian nationalist on 15 September 1931. His parents had key positions in Bartolomé Tirano's fascist government from 1939 till 1946. At the age of 12, Elvero joined the Jóvenes Poderosos, the youth wing of the Fascist Party.

Mfelso Grevi surrendered shortly after the end of the Second Altivebrian Civil War, but was killed by the Altivebrio Democratic Army in 1946. Elvero's mother was deported, but the police forcelly separated her from her son. Elvero was sentenced to administrative detention, while Gwen was forcefully evicted to United States of America. After 5 years of detention in 1951, he was allowed to travel to the United States and reunite with his mother, and Elvero received American citizenship in 1954, and since he was eligible to hold dual citizenships, he eventually became an Altivebrian-American.

Elvero lived in San Francisco, and studied philosophy, along with political sciences. After the La Limpieza took for it's most violent form in 1958, Elvero by himself illegally moved back to Altivebrio and joined the Caburez Brigade as a soldier. Quickly rising through the ranks, he was promoted to a colonel in the same year. Believing that totalitarianism is key, he and a group of loyalists split for the Caburez Brigade, and he found the Balib in the same year, and played a significant role in the Alconbrian Revolt from 1958 till the La Limpieza ended in 1973. He is infamous for ordering the Balib soldiers to "slaughter anything with life in it" during the Plana del Derneso massacre in 1974. He moved back to San Francisco in 1976, but still continued to look after the Balib operations.

He moved back to Altivebrio after the ascension of presidency by Felipe de Curtis in 1984, and was given full control of the Balib. He co-ordinated his efforts with other militant groups by joining the Alconbria Liberation Council, and formed an integral part of the Military of Alconbria. He still held his radical and extremist views, and order the Military of Alconbria to execute numerous pillages, depopulation and massacres during the course of the Third Altivebrian Civil War. The Servicio Nacional de Inteligencia unsuccessfully tried to assassinate him in 1987.

He then served as the Defense Minister of newly formed self-declared Territory of Alconbria from 1984 till his death due to leukemia in 2004. He was buried with full state honours in Senmorta Ruto, the place where Antonio Durán was buried.

His wife, Jeanne Grevi became of the President Alconbrian American Society in 2008, and they both have 2 sons and 3 daughters.

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