Elizabeth Droveney, c.2010

Cefa Elizabeth Marie Droveney GOE (born 1949) is an Alconbrian politician, doctor, professor of medicine, surgeon and the President of the Alconbrian Valisofremdulez Asocio since 1990. She is a member of the United Party, and is a permanent member of the Léialegis.

She is also a women rights' activist, and supports a total prohibition of smoking and hard drugs. She was married to late Brian Droveney, a weapons designer who was killed by the Altivebrians in 1994. She also supported movements discouraging compulsory military service. She was then briefly married to politician Hurett Galgono from 1996 till 2001. Her daughter, Anne Conde is a famous film and television actress. Her first son whom she abandoned while leaving for Alconbria in 1986, George Droveney is a British government official. The both have never met each other, and are against meeting each other. She opposed her daughter meeting George in 2011.

She lives on her own in the Droveney House in the suburbs of Chilrex, in the outskirts of New Alcacer. The Droveney House was a noble house gifted to her husband by Paul del Santé in 1993. She receives a Vidvfraz pension of §300,000 every month, and owns a white contract from ETRA awarded to her by Laurel Copete.

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