The El Nido (English: The Nest) was an Alconbrian refugee camp located in Mexico, built by the government of Mexico and funded by the Alconbria Liberation Council. At it's peak in 1997, the camp held more than 1 million refugees.

The El Nido was built after the La Fe, Acampar Libertad and El Asilio refugee camps were closed down in 1988. The refugees were moved to the El Nida, and due to it's close proximity to the border witnessed a massive number of refugees. A statistics by the UNHRC found that 96% of the male population aged 18 – 35 left the refugee camp to fight in the Third Altivebrian Civil War.

The camp was disbanded in 2004, after all the inhabitants made Reveno to Alconbria. Following the disbandment, the Government of Alconbria developed memorials remembering the Persecution of Alconbrians and one thanking Mexico's support during the war.

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