Education in Alconbria
Ministry of Education
Minister of EducationRaul Arador
National education budget (2016)
Budget§1.5 trillion
General details
Primary languagesAlconbrian & English
System typeState, private
Literacy (2016)
Attainment (2016)
Secondary diploma94%
Post-secondary diploma79%

Education in Alconbria is overseen by the Ministries of Education of each states. Before 2012, education came under national control under the Ministry of Education till it was federalised by current Minister of Education, Raul Arador.

Education is mandatory from the age of 4 till 18, though students can leave education at the age of 15 from special permissions from the ward's education rep. Funding comes from the local, state and federal government, in the ratio of 2:19:9.

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