Ruins of the EDL, c.2012

The Edificio de la Liberación (English: Building of Liberation) was a multi-storey building located in Insentte, Alconbria which served as the headquarters of the Malpuro Liberation Party from 2008 till it's destruction in 2012.

The building was constructed in 1980, and was the headquarters of the Insentte police department. After the Battle of Insentte in 1999, the building came to the control of the Alconbria Liberation Council, and in 2008, was given to the Insentte City Council. The Mayan Liberation Front purchased the building for §5,000,000 in 2008, and gave it to the Malpuro Liberation Party. During the 2012 Metsarbarros unrest, the building was destroyed by an Alconbrian Army drone strike, killing over 700 inhabitants, who were mainly non-combatant MLP workers.

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