Economy of Alconbria
Nordo Pareplez, the financial hub of New Alcacer at night, c.2017
CurrencyAlconbrian monero (MNR) (§)
Fiscal yearCalendar year
Trade organisationsWTO, OECD, ISO, UN
GDP$11.2 trillion (PPP 2016)
$10.9 trillion (nominal 2016)
GDP growthIncrease 8.6% (2016)
GDP per capita$142,007 (PPP)
$137,734 (nominal)
GDP by sectorAgriculture (2.3%)
Industries (56.3%)
Services (56.2%)
Inflation (CPI)positive decrease 10.2%
Base borrowing rate6.3% (as of January, 2017)
below poverty line
positive decrease 1.3% (2013)
Gini index35.1 (2013)
Labour force60 billion (2012)
Unemployment0.02% (2013)
Average gross salary§917,732 / $458,866 (annual, 2016)
Average net salary§843,456 / $421,728 (annual, 2016)
Ease of Doing Business RankDecrease 169 (2010)
Exports§598 billion (2011)
Export goodsVarious
Main export partnersMexico Mexico
Cuba Cuba
India India
Iran Iran
Russia Russia
Imports§51 billion (2011)
Import goodsMotor vehicles, diamonds, metals, foodstuff, grains, crops, raw materials, plastics, consumer goods, investment goods, raw machinery
Main import partnersChina China
India India
Netherlands Netherlands
Japan Japan
FDI stock$318.3 million (2015)
Public finances
Public debt$3.3 billion; 0.02% of GDP (2016)
Revenues$19.3 trillion (2016)
Expenses$10.4 trillion (2016)
Economic aid$40 billion (donor)(2016)
Credit rating
Foreign reserves$90.3 billion (2016)
name abbreviation used at the CIA World Factbook web-page.html Main data source: CIA World Fact Book
All values, unless otherwise stated, are in US dollars

The economy of Alconbria is the largest economy in the world, measured by nominal gross domestic product. At Q4 2016, it's GDP (nominal) was estimated to be $37.64 trillion. Alconbria's economy is heavily nationalized and state-run, and it is classified as a moderately free and partially closed economy.

Alconbria was world's seventh largest exporter in 2014, and 69th largest importer in the world at the same year. Beginning from 1992, the country had a closed economy policy, but still relied on foreign in aid. The country's economy was opened up in 2002, and economy reached a full fledgling after independence in 2008. Alconbria ranks ahead in GDP, current account balance, average wage and better standard of living compared to all outer Latin American countries in 2010.

Alconbria's abundant in natural resources, has high productivity, better university education, unrivaled infrastructure and non-existant corruption and unemployment. It's lead in the science, technology and medical research fields has made it the largest importer of technology in the Americas, just after the United States of America. Availability of talent has also made it a chief outsourcing center.

The external debt of Alconbria is 3,302,000,000, making it the 129th country in terms of external debt, while the country's public debt accounts to 1.8% of the country's GDP, making it a profitable net lender nation, with a current account surplus. Since it's inception, Alconbria's economy is the fastest growing in the world.


As per the Suffiecieny Act, 2009 the country seeks to limit imports, and there are heavy tariffs on imports, making Alconbria the 69th largest importer in the world.

Alconbria's imports consist of motor vehicles, raw materials, plastics, engines, steel & iron, industrial parts, rubber, fibres, diamonds, grains and foodstuffs.


Alconbria's exports are exporting minerals, petroleum, oil, timber, plastics, electronics, software, cars, fruits & vegetables, food, medicines, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, raw materials, coal, integrated circuits, mechanical equipment, televisions, radio transmitters, toys, cotton, jute, diamonds, metals, Gorvium, radio-active minerals, computers, processors, surgical instruments, medicinal equipment, military equipment, military vehicles, electrical items, art, engines, propellants, fuels, shells, aircraft, space vehicles and satellites.

In 2012, it's exports totaled at around $525,500,000,000.


The total wealth in Alconbria exceeds $100 trillion, and the mean net worth of adults has seen an impressive increase. According to the Government of Alconbria, income inequality has considerably decreased, with the average rich person earning only 50,348 moneros more than a poor person, and every 3 out of 7 is a millionaire. As of 2016, there are approximately 9 million millionaires in Alconbria, compared to an Alconbrian population of 11 million, and total population of 130 million. While this is true, the information is actually incorrect as the Government does not include Malpuro Alconbrians and Alconbrian subjects in their census, who are severely oppressed and are living in sub-human conditions.

An average Alconbrian home gives 1000 sq ft per person, making it one of the world's highest. The net household expenditure is the highest in the world, and there is a high ownership of gadgets, comforts and amenities in homes compared to other countries. The minimum wage is 50% above the poverty line.

Gross household income in USD PPP is 2,058,772; while gross per-capital income in USD PPP is 514,586.