East Harp

East Harp, also known as Este de Arpe is a medium-sized neighbourhood in the Courby district of Warcrest City.

East Harp is a medium density residential neighbourhood in the north of the Courby island. It is located in the Blistone Peninsula. East Harp shares borders with the neighbourhood of Springfield to the south. East Harp is connected to Crasigvein by the Foley-Lincoln Bridge.

An overpass covers through most of East Harp.


Being one of the largest residential areas in Courby, East Harp is plagued with crime. East Harp is also a moderate-income area, so the crime rate is quite high. The nearest police station is located in the district of Springfield.

Many notorious gangs have their origins in East Harp, and as a result of this, this district is prone to gang violence and gang wars. The radio tower located in the Hillburn Cliff is a well-known suicide spot.

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