Dudley 'Deadly' Rogers (born July 31, 1951) is the regional Vice President of the American outlaw motorcycle club, Angels of Death.


Early life & educationEdit

Dudley Rogers was born in July 31, 1951 to American parents in Warcrest City, North Virginia. Dudley's father, SSgt. Samuel Rogers was a World War II veteran and a Medal of Honor recipient, and his mother was Pauline Rogers PhD, a nuclear physicist. Pauline died after a severe case of measles in 1968, a year after her husband, who died in a house fire.

Dudley successfully completed high school, but did not choose to purse higher studies. He got a job as a security guard in a popular club in 1967. Dudley Rogers also trained to be a kick boxer.

Military careerEdit

In 1969, Dudley was called into compulsory army service, and eventually passed selection and was part of the 9th Marine Regiment. Even though he did not see much action, he grew to despise Asians and Communists, and became heavily bigoted and a white supremacist.

Dudley took part in Operation Dewey Canyon, where he had killed more than 10 Viet Cong soldiers, and had received a Silver Star Medal for his actions.

Dudley was reassigned to an another formation and served in Vietnam till 1973. He was then honourably discharged.

Vice President of the Serpents MCEdit

Rogers returned to United States of America in 1973, and was unable to find a proper steady job. At this point, Dudley stole his first two motorbikes. Dudley, his brother and a couple of his fellow war veterans eventually formed the Thunder Falcons Motorcycle Club, which was eventually renamed into Serpents MC, with Dudley's elder brother, Bradley Rogers as their leader.

Originally intending to be a non-violent biker enthusiast group, the Serpents became an outlaw motorcycle club in 1974, following the murder of three bikers by the Warcrest City Triads, and the arrest of a biker Brick Yagecic in the same year.

The Serpents began getting notoriety in Warcrest City, and the Serpents established their second chapter in Norths Onsbrooke in 1976. In the same year, Dudley married Winter McKenzie, one of the first female recruits into the gang. In 1977 Winter was murdered in her wedding anniversary by gangsters affiliated with the Onsbrooke Lionz. In retaliation, Dudley and other Serpent bikers attacked a bar owned by the Lionz in North Onsbrooke, earning him the nickname 'Deadly'.

Dudley was arrested in 1978 after speeding and flipping off a policeman in a motorway, and was released on bail. Dudley sucessfully managed the gang while his brother was away, and can be credited for the gangs venture into protection and alliance with the mafia.

In 1983, Dudley suffered from a high speed crash and had to be hospitalized for 3 months. At this time, biker Jerome O'Phelan took over the position as Vice President. O'Phelan was responsible for starting the war with The Lost MC, a move which Dudley strongly opposed. O'Phelan was also undertook the job of establishing chapters all over the United States, and started 12 chapters in all areas across United States.

Fearing that Mad Dud would reclaim his position as Vice President once he is back in action, Jerome sent two bikers to kill Dudley in the hospital, but Dudley's close friends and allies, Allen Houston, Lance Underwood and Milo Hansen prevented the assassination attempt. Jerome sent more bikers to finish the job, resulting in a massive shoot-out in the hospital, and Dudley was transferred to another hospital to complete his treatment. Once he was back to normal, he confronted Bradley and Jermone in the Serpents Clubhouse.

Bradley refused to let his brother replace Jermone, and then said that Dudley's resourcefulness is worse than nothing, and wanted to have him killed. Dudley and Allen escape the club house, and along with Lance, Milo and a few other loyal Serpent members left for San Fierro. On their way, they burnt their Serpent patches.

Angels of DeathEdit

Dudley, even though infamous in the criminal world was denied entry into Angels of Death, but he convinced a fellow Vietnam War squad-mate Keith Tayle to let him join the Angels. Eventually, Dudley was accepted as a hang-around, and became a full patched Angels of Death member in 1985.

Dudley quickly rose through the ranks thanks to his tactics and in 1986, became the Chapter President of the Angels of Death Warcrest City chapter. Now leading a much more powerful biker group, Dudley was set in destroying his former biker gang. In 1987, the Angels of Death and the Serpents entered in a brutal gang war, which lasted for 5 years, and most of the war was dominated by the Angels of Death.

In 1991, Bradley wanted to have peace between the two outlaw motorcycle clubs, a move which Dudle y welcomed, but which O'Phelan opposed. As a result, O'Phelan's men mortally wounded Bradley before he could meet his brother. Dudley only arrives to meet a horribly injured Bradley, and kills his brother. Enraged by this, the Angels of Death destroyed the remaining of the Serpents and Dudley personally tortured and killed Jerome O'Phelan and his right hand man, Bead Foster. A few surviving Serpents members fled out of Warcrest City, and by 1998, the Serpents MC gang was reborn in a different part of America.

In 1994, Dudley and a group of Angels of Death members were arrested for possession of heroin. Dudley was sentenced to 4 years in prison.

In 1999, Rogers and a fellow biker stole two truck loads of Western motorcycles belonging to the Lost MC, thus improving his reputation.

In 2003, Dudley Rogers was promoted to regional Vice President.

In 2006, Mad Dud and a couple of royal friends shifted to the San Fierro chapter. In 2010, Dudley was shot in his shoulder while coming out of a bar. Dudley suffered minor injuries and was back in action in no time. In 2011, Dudley created Angels' Charity, a front organization for the Angels of Death aiming to have a low level by taking part in charity auctions and activities. As of 2013, the organization ceased to exist.

Personal LifeEdit

Mad Dud's first wife was a white female biker, and one of the first female bikers of the Serpents, Winter McKenzie. She was killed in by the Onsbrooke Lionz gang 1977, in her wedding day. She was pregnant before her death.

Dudley married Bonnie Masson in 1986, and they both have three children; two sons and a daughter. The eldest son and his daughter stayed away from gang warfare, while Dudley's youngest son in a part of the Liberty City chapter of the Angels of Death.