Donald Richards, infamously known as Donny White (4 June, 1965 – 2016) was an American businessman and a member of the street-gang, the Biscayne Broz.

Donald Richards became started boxing at the age of 10, and by 17, became a famous amateur boxer. At the age of 18, he left his parents' home in Vice City and moved to Zenobia and trained under Ed Kidman. Under Kidman's orders, he left professional boxing and began fighting in underground fight clubs under the alias of Donny. Being a talented boxer, he managed to earn $100,000 in bets per fights for Kidman and his friend Ray Rogwald.

Donny soon found out that Ed and Ray were leaders of a street-gang, and wanted to join them, but they constantly denied him, saying that his boxing was a valuable source of money. He eventually joined as an hang-around in 1989 and became a fully-fledged member in 1991. He became an enforcer for Ed Kidman, and was often sent to intimade shop-owners and residents for protection money.

He was imprisoned for triple homicide in 1995, and met Tyson Normans and Tamonte Sims in the Openflower County State Penitentiary. The prison guards believed Richards to have been running a prison gang, in reality, the honours went to Normans and Sims. In 1998, the Biscayne Broz. prison gang went to war with the Los Muertos, creating a widespread prison riot. Richards, Normans and Sims managed to slip away dressed as police officers and went back to Grand Biscayne, Warcrest City.

He is the son of Herbert Richards III, the chairman of the Stevenson-Richards Company and Emily Richards.

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