Federal State of Alconbria
Federacia Ŝtata de Alconbria
Flag of Coat of arms of
MottoEvinco Stiprus, Paragaukite Prastas
Conquer the Strong, Savour the Weak
Anthem"Laŭdi la Nekredebla Lando, cxar alie mi vin neniigita."
CapitalNew Alcacer
Largest city Gvonn
Official languages Alconbrian
Recognised regional languages Alconbrian, Mexican, Spanish
Ethnic groups (2016) 65% Alconbrian
15% Mexicans
10% Brazilians
3% Americans
3% French
3% Argentinians
1% Cubans
Religion None
Demonym Alconbrian
Government Multi-party federal parliamentary democracy
 -  President Siegfried von Gutenburg
 -  Prime Minister Augustin Altiver
 -  Speaker of the Parliament Michael Eläin
Legislature Assembléia Legislativa
Split from Union of Altivebrio
 -  Declaration April 1, 2008 
 -  Gvonn Conference April 3, 2008 
 -  Republic April 30, 2008 
 -  Federal Democracy 16 December, 2011 
 -  Total 3,034,959 km2 
1,171,804 sq mi 
 -   estimate 126,920,000 - 130,000,000 
Currency Monero (§) (MNR)
Time zone Alconbria Time Zone (UTC -5)
Date formats dd/mm/yy
Drives on the Left
.alc, .gv, .ald
Calling code +0

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