Delphia, addressing the legislative assembly in 1972, 8 months before her death.

Delphia de Odeo y Guardiola (1906 – 1972) was an Altivebrian politician who served as the Vice President of Altivebrio from 1951 till her death in 1972, for a period of 21 years. Prior to becoming Vice-President, she served as the Altivebrian ambassador to the United States of America from 1936 till 1951.

She is the first daughter of former Altivebrian President, Lt. General Miguel de Odeo. Prior to her death, she was the richest woman in Altivebrio, and the fourteenth richest person in Altivebrio.

Her tenure as Vice-President is heavily criticized because of alleged nepotism, heavy corruption, far-right policies, increase in hate crime and racial violence, tensions with neighbouring Mexico, exploitation of workers, and marked the beginning of the persecution of Alconbrians in Altivebrio. She also improved relations with Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, denationalized industries and banks, reduced inflation, increased expenditure on healthcare & education and military and also legalized gambling.

She was kidnapped by OLE's thrid militant wing, the Caburez Brigade in 1972, and was held hostage in Fort Ureuez for 8 months. An annonymous source revealed that the OLD did not kidnap her for parlaying, but only for torturing her for her acts in spreading the Persecution of Alconbrians. A OLE captain said that Delphia de Odeo was continously beaten by 'everyone who wanted to', stripped naked, battered, sexually assaulted, was denied any food or water and effectively tortured. Video tapes showed her in chains, pulling heavy stones naked while getting slapped by OLE guards. She was shaved bald, and was severely deskinned. She was missing both her ears. After 8 months, when her body condition was reported to be extremely weak, she was executed by the OLE's Commander-in-Chief Batalanto Krugez, which was filmed and circulated all over the world. Her wealth was transferred to the Society of Alconbrians. The SoA sold one of Delhia's estates to her Secretary and later President of Altivebrio, Felipe de Curtis.

After her death, she was considered a hero. The Parliament decided to give her a state funeral, but the OLE declined to hand her body to her. She was kept in a casket with human waste, and was shredded. The Reconciliation to the Alconbrian Population Agreement removed her heroic status in Altivebrio.

It is illegal to hang portraits of her in present-day Alconbria, and it is generally not advised to use the first name 'Delphia' in Alconbria. From 2008 till 2015, there was only one baby named 'Delphia', which did not make it past the age of 2.

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