Michael: "I thought you were the corrupt division."
Dave: "Corrupt? Only a little. Definitely below average."
―Michael De Santa and Dave Norton, 2013.

David 'Dave' Norton is an American Federal Investigation Bureau agent, who is credited for shooting and killing the 'most wanted man in America', notorious bank robber Michael Townley.

As of 2013, Dave is working under decorated FIB agent, Steve Haines.



At some point in time, David joined the Federal Investigation Bureau as an agent. Dave had also been married at one point, although he has since been divorced.

Rise to FameEdit

Dave held an ordinary boring job record in the FIB. In 2004, Dave managed to locate the whereabouts of infamous bank robber Michael Townley in Ludendorff, North Yankton.

Instead of killing Townley, Norton made a deal with Townley to surrender his accomplice Trevor Philips to the FIB, whilst Townley would fake his death after being "shot" by Norton, in turn boosting Norton's career for taking down the "most wanted man in America".

In the Holiday season of 2004; Michael, Trevor, Brad Snider and an unnamed driver attempted to rob the Bobcat Security bank in Ludendorff. The heist crew takes $179,500 and while attempting to escape, Trevor kills a a security guard, alerting the police. The team battles the unexpected heat and reunites with the driver a few yard outside the bank. The driver gets killed, and the car gets hit by a train while attempting to cross the tracks. Michael persuades the crew to stick to the plan.

Michael brings Brad and Trevor to the ambush spot, where David was already in position. Dave aims at Trevor and fires, but Brad gets in the way and gets hit and dies. Dave then feigns a shot at Michael. Trevor manages to escape, and Norton allows Michael to provide information to the Bureau in exchange for a new identity, a pension and a relocation to Los Santos. To aid this, Brad is then buried in Michael's grave.

Dave and Michael then watched Michael's fake funeral from a distance.

Working under Steve HainesEdit

Sometime later, the FIB intercepts a letter to Brad Snider. There was no address, but the letter was from Sandy Shores. Dave knew it must be Trevor, and assumes Brad's identity and begins corresponding with Trevor to keep a track of him.

Dave at some point was also assigned to work under decorated FIB agent, Steve Haines' squad.

Michael, who took the surname of De Santa now lives under the Witness Protection Program in Los Santos. Norton arrives at Michael's mansion after Michael and his protege, Franklin Clinton, robbed a jewel store, warning the former that this act will attract Trevor. Trevor, a meth dealer in Sandy Shores discovers that Michael isn't dead and then confronts him in his mansion in Rockford Hills. Michael soon informs Dave that Trevor discovered his existence.

At the same time, Dave's boss, Steven Haines goes through Dave's intel and finds out about the deal Dave made with Michael nine years ago. Using this as an opportunity, Steve blackmails David into coercing Michael, Franklin and Trevor to do the FIB's dirty work. Dave meets up with Michael in the Galileo Observatory. Dave informs Michael about the current situation with Steve Haines, and then tells Michael that he needs to locate Ferdinand Kerimov, a suspected terrorist who is declared to be dead by the Internal Affairs Agency. Dave knocks Michael out to send his body to the coroners's office. Finding out that Kerimov is alive, Michael, Trevor and Franklin are ordered to recover him from IAA interrogation.

Haines then tortures Kerimov to obtain information about a man whom the FIB believes to have links with terrorism. Dave accompanies Michael to Chumash, while Trevor tortured Mr. K. A badly wounded Kerimov provides the information, and Michael assassinates the man, Tahir Javan.

Norton then began accompanying Haines as he went to brief the trio about their assignments. Haines also forces Norton to take part in a raid on Humane Labs and Research, and steal a nerve toxin developed for the IAA.

As their work against the IAA progresses, Haines becomes increasingly paranoid. After Michael and Franklin break into the FIB Headquarters to eliminate incriminating files, Haines betrays Michael and Norton and attempts to have Andreas Sanchez arrest them, but he is interrupted when they are all surrounded by a crew of IAA agents, a rival FIB team and a battalion of Merryweather soldiers. Haines kills Sanchez and leaves Michael and Norton to die, but they manage to shoot their way out with Trevor's help. After clearing their way to escape, Dave takes a car and drive off, telling Michael not to contact with him until he will be sure he is not followed by any of the organizations.

Dave later meets with Haines, who wants to have all three protagonists killed, but Dave manages to dissuade him from having Michael and Franklin killed, but he insists that Trevor must die. Dave and Haines meet with Franklin, who is ordered by Haines to kill Trevor, while Haines' associate Devin Weston also tells Franklin to assassinate Michael.

Ending of GTA VEdit

If Franklin chooses to kill Trevor, he phones Haines after the mission to inform him of Trevor's death. During the phone call, Haines claims Norton is close to being discharged without his pension.

If Franklin chooses to kill Michael, Dave emails Trevor informing him that he wrote all the letters and emails from Brad. He assures Trevor that his secrets are safe, but warns him to stop causing trouble and to never contact him again.

If Franklin chooses to alert both Michael and Trevor, the trio will kill all of their major enemies, including Haines, Weston, and Harold Joseph. Although Trevor suggests killing Dave, Michael convinces Trevor to spare Dave so that no-one comes after them later. After the mission, Dave emails Trevor and Michael. He informs Trevor that he wrote all the letters and emails from Brad. He assures Trevor that his secrets are safe, but warns him to stop causing trouble and to never contact him again. He asks Michael to stay out of trouble and also informs him that he has replaced Haines as host of The Underbelly Of Paradise. He later phones Michael and asks about his family, before informing him that his work is "good" and that he has had a few "lucky breaks". Both men tell each other to look after themselves and part on good terms.

Further career in the FIBEdit

In 2016, a corrupt business executive had petitioned a lawsuit against the FIB for alleged invasion of privacy. Dave believed him to have funded an insurgency in a South American country, as well as supplying funds to various Middle Eastern terrorist groups. Reminiscent of what his boss Steve Haines did in 2013, Norton used the Los Santos Vagos gangster Hector Martinez to kidnap and threaten the business executive into admitting his links. He then had Hector fill a confession video and take the businessman to an FIB lock-up, where the field agents could pick up the executive.

Later, Norton tells Hector to assault the Thomson Scrapyard in Blaine County where several 'secret items' are being held. He then tells Hector to transport the cargo using a large roadtrain to the FIB warehouse in the Los Santos Docks, and gave the option of Hector using FIB escorts, which the latter could decline or accept. Once the cargo arrived at the docks, a convoy of armed mercenaries ambush them to steal the cargo. IAA agent Carlson Moreno attempts to arrest Norton and Martinez, but Norton shoots him in the head, and rushes to the roofs to provide sniper support, and once the attack was over, reveals to Hector that the attackers were in fact IAA mercenaries, and both the federal agencies were trying to do the samething, sell the 'cargo' to powerful organizations in other countries.

After ensuring Hector that he'll be off the IAA radar, Dave cut his ties with the gangster. After a few in-game days, Hector receives a large sum of money from an anonymous account, which can be presumed to be affiliated with Dave Norton.

Characters killed by DaveEdit

Mission AppearancesEdit

Grand Theft Auto V
  • Prologue
  • Complications (Post-mission phone call)
  • Mr. Philips
  • Fame or Shame (Post-mission phone call)
  • Dead Man Walking (Boss)
  • Three's Company (Boss)
  • By The Book
  • Blitz Play
  • Paleto Score Setup
  • Monkey Business
  • Bury the Hatchet (Voice, only if started by Michael)
  • Cleaning out the Bureau (Semi-Boss)
  • The Bureau Raid (Post-mission phone call)
  • The Wrap Up (Boss)
  • Lamar Down
  • The Time's Come (Option B/Post-mission e-mail)
  • The Third Way (Option C/Post-mission phone call)
South Los Santos Stories
  • You Don't Deserve Liberty (Post-mission phone call)
  • FIB (Boss)
  • FIB, Again (Boss)



  • David Norton is voiced by Julian Gamble in both his appearances.
  • His name at one point during development was "Calvin North".
  • In the Xbox 360/PS3 version of Prologue, Dave wears sunglasses at Michael's funeral. In the enhanced version, he wears a ski hat instead, similar to what he was wearing when he shot Brad.
  • In his concept art, Norton has a thick goatee. In the game, however, he has light stubble instead. His concept art also depicts him driving a blue second generation Oracle instead of the FIB Buffalo depicted in the illustration.
  • Unlike all the other deuteragonists, Dave doesn't appear in The Third Way (Lester "gives" the mission, Lamar helps in the shootout at the foundry and Trevor contacts Ron while driving to his assigned location). Though he is mentioned briefly by Trevor as a person to assassinate, this idea is dismissed by Michael.
  • Dave's license plate on his Oracle is "81TDS937".