Daniel Rubens, c.2016

Daniel Laureano Rubens (born 1960) is an Alconbrian politician, journalist, lawyer and the current leader of the United Party for Progression. He founded the Maldekstro Party in 2008, and merged with the Liberal Party in 2010 to create the United Party.

He served as the Minister of Law & Justice from 2008 till 2012. He has openly declined Presidential nominations, and most of his work is behind-the-scenes, which gained him little to no public recognition, a fact supported by his apparent lack of charisma.

Daniel was born on 8 February, 1960 in Nuevo Seville, Altivebrio, and his family was moved to a ghetto in Northern Territory in 1964. His father, Enrique Rubens was a senior military commander of the Arporleber, and Daniel joined the Alconbria Liberation Council, along with his father in 1984. Due to his lack of physical strength, he took up an administrative job, and was part of the governing council of the Territory of Alconbria from 1984 till 1990. Due to his degree as a barrister, and experiences with the law, he worked as a judge in the civilian court from 1989 till 1996, and worked in the Constitution Drafting Committee from 1996 till 2000.

After 2000, he worked as a professor in a law school for two years, then worked in the Ministry of Education for the better functioning of the law education from 2002 till 2005. He then rejoined the political wing of the ALC in 2007. Differences in political ideologies led him to create the Maldekstro Party in post-independence Alconbria. Surprisingly, he was granted a ministry in Paul del Santé's First Cabinet post-independence, thanks to his knowledge of the judicial system.

Daniel is described as one of the most cleanest politician in Alconbria, as he did not take place in any protests, battles, and wasn't even a member of the Military of Alconbria. As of 2016, he lives in a three-storey villa in the suburbs of New Alcacer, along with his wife and three children. His wife, Monica Rubens is the dean of a medical university, while his first son, Benjamin Rubens was a MOA soldier-turned actor. His daughter, Ximena Rubens is a television host and his younger daughter, Elise Rubens is Alconbria's ambassador to Russia, and also a member of the United Party.

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