Daniel Bronsell

Daniel Brian Bronsell (born 30 June, 1957) is a British-American business magnet, entreprenuer, financial analyst and politician. He is the present chairman of Douche Bank, and the former CEO of Parclays Bank. Daniel Bronsell is also a Bronsell family member.

Bronsell is also the owner of 1 premier league football team, 2 minor football teams, a rugby team, 1 Formula One team, 1 NHL team and 1 NBA team, and owns five golf courses across the world.

Along with his cousin, US President Edith Lyndon, he founded The Metro Holdings, the parent company to a variety of clothing and apparel companies.

Personal LifeEdit

Daniel is the only son of Lewis Bronsell and Stephanie Bronsell. He chose a career as a head of a financial institution because of his father.

In 1978, Daniel married Italian-American restauranteur and businesswoman Valentina Bronsell in a private wedding ceremony in the Alps. Together, they have two daughters, Fiona Cooper and Kirsten Parker born in 1981 and 1985 respectively.

As of 2010, Daniel's net-worth was around $88 billion. Even though he is quite rich, he is noted for living a simple life. He owns 2 castles in England, 4 chateaus in France and a plenty of other houses, but always lives in a small three-storey house in the outskirts of London, or a ranch in San Andreas.

Daniel was arrested in 1999 and 2004 for financial fraud, corporate fraud and tax evasion but was released without any charges. He was also unsuccessfully sued for a culminate amount of over $100 million.

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