—  Alconbrian State  —
The Metsarbarros
Metsarbarros flag.png
Nickname(s): The Wild West
Motto: Guard the Weak
Country Alconbria Alconbria
Abbreviation MB
Capital Insentte
Largest city Servancia
Statehood 2 August, 2008
Before independence Part of the Southern Territories
Léialegis Reps 5
 • Governor Armando de la Saña (APP) (de facto)
Eltiria Mondolĉa (APP) (Acting)
 • Lieutenant-Governor -Vacant-
 • Malpuro High Representative Olef Ininit
 • Total 9,003 sq mi (Bad rounding hereScript error km2)
Population (2015)
 • Total 47,973,530
 • Estimate (2017) 48,300,000
 • Rank 2
 • Density Script error/sq mi (Script error/km2)
 • Urban density
 • Rural density
 • Metro density
 •  Density
 •  Density
Legislature Iruk'itof Firatta
Seats 65
Ruling party Native Party
Website mets.alc

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