The Da Nang Boys are a relatively small Vietnamese gang with a significant presence in Warcrest City. They are originating from the Vietnamese city of Danang, hence their name.


The Da Nang Boys are extremely sadistic and violent and are engaged in criminal activities such as human trafficking, kidnapping, protection and extortion. They have been involved in a fierce war with the Warcrest City Triads. The Da Nang Boys began operations in United States of America sometime in 1997, and have faced continuous expansion since then.


The Da Nang Boys were initially formed in the early mid 90s in the city of Danang in Vietnam, with the main objective of smuggling civilian illegally into the United States of America. They also smuggled Chinese defectors into Vietnam.

They began smuggling illegal residents into the United States since 1997. The set up bases in San Fierro and Warcrest City, but however their San Fierro sect got wiped out after a brutal gang war in 2002. Since then, the Da Nang Boys set their entire focus in Warcrest City.

At this time, the Da Nag Boys began waging war with the Warcrest City Triads. Fearing threats of insecurity in operations, the Da Nang Boys though of controlling the Chinatown Docks in Chinatown. In November 11, 2003 the Da Nang Boys tried to forcibly take control of the Chinatown Docks after talks of purchasing it from the Triads failed. The assault however failed, resulting in the deaths of more than 100 individuals from both sides, and officially began the Triads-Da Nang Boys gangwar.

The Triads held on to Chinatown Docks, and as of 2016, the area still remains in Triad control.


  • Fierce Razors
  • Butterfly Children
  • Legendary Street Kings

Members & AssociatesEdit

  • The Wolf (2010 – present) - Leader
  • Giang Van Loi - Gangster
  • Bui Tu Don - Gangster


  • The Da Nang Boys are one of the few gangs with no allies.