Cylenzia Tortenhopp

President of the UCSA
Assumed office 
November 1, 2015
Deputy William Chestford
Preceded by Position established

Assumed office
November 18, 2014
Deputy Flavio Merssio
Preceded by Rud Ness

In office
September 29, 2013 – January 5, 2014
Preceded by Antonia Desfarrez
Succeeded by Position removed

In office
21 June 2010 – 17 November 2014
President Rugor Tirvek
Succeeded by Irquein Valitz

Personal details
Born (1987-12-21) December 21, 1987 (age 30)
Castilla Morrena, Altivebrio
Died June 14, 2080(2080-06-14) (aged 92)
Erls Cylenzia, Falklands
Nationality Alconbria Alconbrian
Political party Alconbria People's Party
Spouse Urviw Mesarkorfs
Children 2
Residence Panama City
Alma Mater University of Alconbria, Alcacer (B.A.)
Greenwood College (M.A.)
Profession Diplomat, Model
Religion Frellism

Military service
Allegiance Alconbriaold Territory of Alconbria
Alconbria Alconbria
Service/branch Alconbrianavy1 Alconbrian Navy
Years of service 2005 – 2010
Rank Lieutenant
Battles/wars Somalian Civil War
Sri Lankan Civil War
Awards Premio Galanteco
Blue Eagle Second Class

Cylenzia Ersofna Tortenhopp (born 21 December, 1987) is an Alcobrian diplomat, lobbyist, politician and former model who is the incumbent President of the UCSA, as well as the current Statanayeir of Development of Panama. She had previously served as the Permanent Representative of Alconbria to the United Nations till Alconbria's withdrawal from the United Nations.

As President of the UCSA, she was responsible for implementing the Gorlonas in South America. She passed controversial bills which allowed for increased Alconbrian control in the UCSA states, led to a 200% increase in Alconbrian military sites in South America since 2015, weakening of regional armies and emassing large voluntary foreign divisions for the Alconbrian Army, cultural erosion, annihilation of natives and smoothened the road for the Lompkrest.

She was also a member of The Alconbrian Youth, the youth wing of the Alconbria People's Party, and served as the co-chair of the Youth Congress from 2008 until 2009. She joined the Alconbria People's Party in 2011 to oppose Victor Staurakios' rise to Presidency. Also at that time, she served as the Hordenkorf of the Gizerta Alconbrian Phrutos.


Early lifeEdit

She was born on 21 December, 1987 in Castilla Morreno in Altivebrio, to Erman Tortenhopp, who was the leader of the local lawyer's union, and Carilda Tortenhopp, the daughter of Sarvizo Resfahazen. Speaking to Lervica Taryc, Cylenzia said that her mother gave birth to her in a backalley in midst of the Third Castilla Morreno pogrom as Alconbrians were denied to step inside hospitals after President Marcelo Vargas retained the Anti-Alconbrian Laws in 1985. She was the youngest of the four children in the family. Her eldest sibling, Ezweria Tortenhopp was executed by the PPA in 1984.

Sometime in March 1989, her father used all his money to smuggle his family out of Castilla Morreno to Los Guez, utilizing Ricardo David Borrila's expensive smuggling services. However, Erman Tortenhopp was unable to buy a ticket for himself, and as a result remained back in Castilla Morreno with his brother-in-law Kornaziv Resfahazen. They both were arrested the very next month, and were sent to do hard labour in the Orejula Prison. Cylenzia learned from Resfahazen, who was released in 2000 that her father died sometime in 1993, and his body was burnt up in a pile.

Tortenhopp arrived in Molino with her mother and her two siblings on 19 January, 1988. Her mother then joined a local clothing shop producing clothes for the Military of Alconbria. Tortenhopp and her siblings were enrolled in the Molino Common School, which was the first school operated by Alconbrians since 1946. Due to a lack of funding, experienced teachers thought whatever they knew and used books donated by charities. In 1997, her mother was paralyzed in an Altivebrian airstrike.

She joined a paramilitary brigade at the age of 14, in 2001 and was stationed in Harfa before being sent to Introje in 2003. She survived four terrorist attacks by the Mayan Liberation Front, and campaigned against the Insentte Treaty, and joined the Alconbrian Navy as an on-land communications technician in 2005, and was involved in the construction of the frigates ANS Korpe and the ANS Heswarda. She was stationed in the Korpe during the Somalian Civil War and the Sri Lankan Civil War.

She got a Bachelor of Arts degree in international relations from the University of Alconbria, Alcacer through the accelerated military education program, and then got a Masters Degree from the Greenwood College in 2010.

Political careerEdit

Cylenzia's political career began when she joined The Alconbrian Youth in 1999, at the age of 12, under the recommendation of her parents and siblings. She gained prominence after she gave various interviews to the international about Xavi Kohler's genocidal campaigns and violation of human rights. In a notable incident, she said the bodies of the El Aumento mass grave belonged to Alconbrian civilians executed by the EDE, but in reality, according to various reports of the United Nations and Clementia Internation, the mass grave belonged to Altivebrians residing in the villages of El Aumento, Vinedo, Guinda Caídas, La Remojar and Ciudad de Francis.

In 2002, she led a campaign in Unforto supporting the Expluziona Act in the 2002 Alconbrian referendum, which legalized the removal of non-Alconbrians from the Territory of Alconbria. She was elected as the co-chair of the Youth Congress in 2008, and completed her one-year term in 2009, while still being a student and a Navy reservist. After returning from Sri Lanka in 2010, she campaigned for the position of the Hordenkorf of the Gizerta Alconbrian Phrutos, after the position was left vacant following Eriquen Porstan's appointment as the Alconbrian Ambassador to China and North Korea. She won the campaign with 57% of the total votes, narrowly defeating veteran Ofrin Rugaro.

As Hordenkorf, she gained the chance to interact with much of the Cabinet of Alconbria. She was also consulted by Laurel Copete to seek the GAP's interests in forming the Malpuro Laws, as well as certain additions to the Malpuro Housing Law. Under her tenure, the Alconbrian colonies in the Metsarbarros were de facto annexed by the Alconbrian Government, providing them with all sort of facilities and constitutional rights as any other Alconbrian city, violating the Metsarbarros Law of 2004.

Diplomatic careerEdit


Cylenzia, before her first UNGA session.

On September 25, 2013; Permanent Representative of Alconbria to the United Nations Antonia Desfarrez was found guilty of corruption, embezzlement of funds and misuse of authority by a ward court, and was sentenced to 40 years in prison. Prime Minister Joseph Allende offered the job of UN ambassador to Foreign Minister Mateo de Garcia and Secretaria Laurel Copete, both of them refused. Allende then considered veteran diplomat and Ambassador to Italy, Rutherford Cromminton, but Cromminton refused on health grounds and the 70 year old said that he was planning to retire the next year.

Allende asked President Augustin Voimer for help, and Voimer told him to choose a young and promising pragmatic diplomat. On September 28, 2013- government spokesperson Irton Serta announced Tortenhopp as the next Representative to the UN, shocking everyone. She was selected on a joint Cabinet-APP meeting, and she was approved by an emergency parliament session the same day, and she swore in on the next day.

In the United Nations, she has voted against the use of nuclear weapons, voted for sanctions against North Korea for developing nuclear missiles, supported UN projects regarding women's rights in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, called for countries to punish drug leaders, voted for a peaceful settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and has openly supported the Syrian government in the country's civil war, and voted to prevent countries from banning the entry of asylum seekers.

Shortly after the UNSC condemned Alconbria for starting the Five Months War, Tortenhopp called the UN obsolete, and wanted reform, which included the removal the P5 from the UNSC. She later said that the United Nations is a product of American imperialism, for which she was criticized by many diplomats. For many, this marked Alconbria's first public disapproval of America.

On 4 January, 2014; Alconbria invaded Belize to root out terrorism, and to take revenge for the failed Operation Axe. Tortenhopp flew to New York City as the invasion began to attend an emergency session convened by Iraq and Palestine. After the voting on the Israeli issue was over, the Guatemala brought in the issue regarding Alconbria's Invasion of Belize, despite prior information to any of the diplomats, completely breaking rules. Tortenhopp said the UN was a massive failure, as it wanted to discuss lies (Alconbria denied occupying Belize till the end of the War in Central America), and failed to discuss any serious issues like famines or oppressive governments in Africa and South-East Asia.

Back in New Alcacer, the Léialegis passed a motion in an emergency session allowing for the Alconbrian withdrawal from the United Nations. Tortenhopp passed a letter to Erden Tseveen, the Secretary-General of the United Nations announcing Alconbria's withdrawal, and she unilaterally resigned from her post. By 8 January, all of her staff left New York City, and moved back to Alconbria.

The UN did not accept the resignation, and still counted Alconbria as a member.