Battle of Puerto del Sol


Altivebrian Civil War

Corvoviro offensive


Altivebrian Civil War


7 March, 1984 – 19 October, 1984
(7 months, 3 weeks, 1 day)


Corvoviro Province, Altivebrio (present day Alconbria)


Altivebrio military victory.

  • Military of Alconbria severely weakened.
  • International support towards Altivebrio.
  • 78% of Corvoviro under Alconbrian control.
  • Ethnic cleansing of Altivebrians in Alconbrian territories.

Alconbriaold Alconbria Liberation Council

Altivebrio Altivebrio


Antonio Durán
Gabriel Inquiso
Adolfo Machiavelli
Nino Huerta de Soto
Jorge Vedomir

Felipe de Curtis
Joseph Devera
Carlos Gutirrez
Ruiz Gomez de la Hilo
Daniel Cochino
Miguel Pacotilla
Andreas de Hada
Franciso Ele Burrico


38,472 soldiers

97,459 soldiers


27,475 killed
102,458 civilians killed

73,129 killed
374,034 civilians killed

The Corvoviro offensive was a strategic military offensive into the Corvoviro Province by both the Alconbria Liberation Council and the Altivebrio Defense Forces.

Following the surprising victory over the Altivebrio Defense Forces in the Battle of Puerto del Sol, Gabriel Inquiso wanted the ALC to annex the towns bordering Mexico to begin military relations with that country, however, Antonio Durán was against Inquiso, saying that "...the entire war is to not go to Mexico, but to create a place for ourselves."

On the 7th of March, the Military of Alconbria began it's invasion of Corvoviro province, it's fist movement southwards into the mainlands of Altivebrio. Unlike the parts of Northern Territory which had a minute military presence, the Corvoviro province, Altivebrio's second largest had a massive military presence. Comparing this to the presence it Northern Territory, the military prsence in the north was negligible.

President Felipe de Curtis called for the carpet bombing of Sidano & the others parts of Alconbrian occupied territories. None of them anticipated a southward invasion by the Military of Alconbria.

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