Some Alconbrian laws:

  • The state reimburses 50% of the total cost of a motor vehicle, if it is purchased by a women holding a valid driver's license and is her first purchased vehicle. Women are also eligible for a 20% reimbursement for their second vehicle. Men receive 30% for their first vehicle, and 20% for their second vehicle. The reimbursement only applies when the cost of the vehicle is less than 5 million moneros. If a man or woman decides to purchase a vehicle, even though they have registered at least 5 vehicles, they have to to pay 15% of the vehicle's cost to the government.
  • The first house for a newly married couple, if under §700,000 is free.
  • If there is a murder in a taxi, the taxi's driver will have to pay a penalty of §500,000 to the family or next of kin of the victim. If they are unable to come up with the sum, they will have to be arrested for 4 years.
  • It is illegal to have sexual intercourse in prisons.
  • It is illegal to have sexual intercourse in religious buildings. It is also illegal to be nude in the said religious institutions.
  • Accessing someone's personal computer without permission is punishable by 2 years imprisonment.
  • It is illegal to drive a vehicle over 40 miles per hour with any of the doors, except the boot lid open.
  • It is illegal to run over animals with a car.
  • Males over 10 cannot operate drones over women's beaches.
  • It is illegal to photograph someone without permission. (Rarely enforced)
  • It is illegal to vomit, defecate, urinate or spit in public transport systems and public buildings.
  • Anyone under 18 cannot seek escort services.
  • It is illegal to be nude when children under 10 are nearby.
  • Massage parlous should not be located near 1 kilometers from a hospital, school or a community centre.
  • It is illegal to block the rear doors of an ambulance or a police van. Doing so results in a life imprisonment.

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