"Maria has agreed. Now everything's easy."
―Cody Anderson, 2009.

Cody Anderson (1965-present) is an American decorated Federal Investigation Bureau special agent.

He is famous for exposing various corruption scandals involving high ranking government and IAA officials, and as a result of this was promoted to Senior Special Agent in 2008. He also tracked down the notorious killer Dave Frost. Frost was convicted for 100 years for various crimes.


Early LifeEdit

Cody Carolyn Smith was born on March 1965 to two Canadian immigrants in the mid-western USA. His father, Devin Smith was a building contractor while his mother, Michelle Smith was a pharmacist. Cody was named after his father's childhood friend, and Cody's middle name comes from Michelle's cousin, who was a female commander in the Canadian special forces. In 1970, Cody's parents gave birth to a daughter, Danielle Smith. Cody was an average student in school, but was well-behaved and rarely got into fights. He met his friend Lee King during his middle school years.

In 4 December, 1976, three armed robbers broke into the Smith household. Devin, Michelle and Cody were awake and Cody's parents went to confront the home invaders. The home invaders shot and killed Cody's parents and Cody hid in the attic. A fourth house invader joined, and they stole all valuable items and sliced off Danielle's head while she was sleeping and set fire to the house. Cody managed to escape, and ran away from the town.

He later went and admitted himself into an orphanage. Police radio dispatcher Robert Anderson adopted Cody in 20 December. Cody's last name was legally changed from Smith to Anderson.

Police careerEdit

Following his father's footsteps, after completing community college, Cody volunteered to join the police department. He became a police officer in 1988, was promoted to a corporal in 1990, and became a police detective in 1993.

Cody was honored as one of the best officer's in his department. In 1994, he also exposed a scandal involving two police captains. After receiving praise, Cody decide to study further into tracking criminals and busting scandals within government agencies and law enforcement offices.

Cody enrolled into the FIB National Academy in 1995.

Career at the FIBEdit

Cody displayed remarkable progress and skills in the Academy. He was recruited as an FIB agent in 1996 as a detective.

By 2008, he uncovered various scandals involving government officials and IAA employees. This gave his a promotion to senior special agent in 2008. By 2009, he was assigned his own FIB squad and given his own FIB vehicle.

In 2009, Cody got acquainted with world-famous lawyer Marie Kunt. Marie agreed to act as a FIB lawyer representing against influential and non-influential people whom the FIB wanted arrested. Thanks to Marie's law skill, she succeeded in arresting hundreds of well-off individuals who couldn't be arrested in any other way due to lack of evidence.

Unfortunately, Cody became extremely corrupt after spending time with Marie and they two began taking bribes and engaged in ulterior moves to gain money and move it around illegally and not paying tax, while leaving no trail.

Cody, the FIB and the Kunt family kept this relationship a massive secret. Anybody who exposed this were sent to prison and were tortured.

Neither Marie or Cody were caught, and Cody still remains one of the most honored FIB agents till date.

In 2016, Cody wanted to arrest a wealthy businessman, so that he could report that he arrested a man with links to terrorism. Maria, as usual, agreed to work on the case and went to Los Santos to set up fake evidence and force people to testify in court. After completing her work, she was on her way to her private jet to Liberty City, but she was killed on her way by Los Santos Vagos gangster Hector Martinez. Marie's death caused a severe blowback to Cody's team. He lost the case and the businessman escaped free. He swore to find the killer, but there were no clues and eventually gave up, and began focusing on other things.

Personal LifeEdit

Cody has been involved in a homosexual relationship with fellow FIB special agent Kent Williams since 1998. They both adopted a child, Rose Anderson, in 2000. After seeking advice, Cody married movie assistant director Cheryl Jacobs in 2002. Their wedding ceremony was private with only a few invited guests. They both had a son Kenneth Anderson in 2003, and a daughter Lisa Anderson in 2006.

Cheryl agreed to take care of Rose, and moved into Los Santos with the three children. They all frequently visit Cody and vice versa.

In personal classified diaries, Cody has admitted sleeping with Marie Kunt on several different occasions. Marie and Cody once secretly vacationed together in France, while Marie's husban Jacob was busy with work.