Claudia Delao

Claudia Ruiz Delao (born 1966) is an Alconbrian politician and former political analyst, and the current Secretary and Chairperson of the Alconbria People's Party since 2013.

She was born in 1966 in Avatoes, her father worked as a car salesman, and her mother was a former basketball player. In 1969, her family was moved to a ghetto in Domomonstrojes. Her father then joined the OLE, and was imprisoned by the Altivebrians in 1971, and was released after the La Limpieza ended in 1972. She spent the rest of her childhood in Alcacer. In 1980, at the age of 14, she took part in the 1980 Delphia Square Protests, where she was wounded by pellet fire.

After the Battle of Guzmanacamparo, she joined the Valvures de la Libereco in 1984, at the age of 18. The VLL merged with the Alconbria Liberation Council following the Battle of Alcacer. She killed over 30 Altivebrian civilians during the 1987 Alcacer massacre, and her involvement was hidden by the ALC. She is considered as a terrorist in many parts of Central America. In 1987, she got a bachelors degree in mathematics, and briefly served as an instructor to female cadets in the Military of Alconbria.


Claudia during Ernesto Titeriez's swearing-in ceremony.

Since 1988, she was the leader of the Women's Wing of the Alconbria Liberation Council after the death of the previous leader. In 1992, she became an international female icon, and served as the ALC's Foreign Relations officer. She was a leading member of the Starigo Verklagsregluro, and prioritized education, skill development and economy over military strength. She personally executed seven Altivebrian military officers in 1996, acts which were masked by the ALC. In 2007, she attended the signing of the Gvonn Pact in Independence Hall, Gvonn.

She started the Comité de Bonstato in 2008, devoted to charity and social welfare, as well as the state-run charity Abystato in the same year. She declined to accept a RKS Gold, saying that she isn't doing it for rewards, but to help the Alconbrian and for the enlistment of the poor. In 2013, only 6 percent of the population live below the poverty line, but this list is unaccepted as it does not include the Mayans, Altivebrians or other non-Alconbrians. In 2010, she built a basketball areana in New Alcacer with a seating capacity of 63,000; and created the Liga Korvpallistos, the country's professional basketball league.


Claudia, being interviewed in Alconbria.


Claudia greeting the audience during a party open session.

Claudia is the only woman political party leader in Alconbria, and the first ever women Prime Minister candidate, but lost to Joseph Allende for the position. She is also the highest paid non-office holding politician in Alconbria, as well as one of the richest politicians of Alconbria. She lives in a colonial Spanish castle, which belonged to the Palomo family, a family of Altivebrian aristocrats driven out and killed by the Alconbrians during the civil war. The castle, known as Castillo de los Palomos was changed to Castillo Delao. She also owns the Palaco Somero in Isla Stagna. She purchased the Flovez Chambero, and resided there from 2002 till 2004, when it became a tourist destination, and the income generated would go straight to social welfare. She was sent three red notices by the ETRA in 2010, 2011 and 2015 respectively, and gave away property reportedly worth around 8 million moneros (4 million USD). She married chemical engineer Marcelino Delao in 1989, and they have two sons and a daughter. Her first son is a senior biological researcher, while her second son is the editor for a newspaper, and her daughter is the commanding officer of the ANS Majava.

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