Los santos montage

Clockwise from top: Eclipse Towers, Oriental Theater, Downtown Los Santos skyline at night, Maze Bank Arena, Rancho Towers, Del Perro Pier


Clockwise from top to center: Algonquin skyline, Soldiers' Plaza, Cavity Lane, Broker Bridge, Algonquin at night, Star Junction, GetaLife Building, Statue of Happiness


From top left: Algonquin, the Civilization Committee building, the Statue of Happiness, Star Junction, the Monoglobe, the Broker Bridge and Lower Algonquin.


Clockwise from top - State of Leo, Lombank Twin Towers, Chariot Hotel, Lancaster Square, skyline of Warcrest, Centurion Stadium, 405 Avenue of America.


From top to bottom, left to right: skyline of Downtown Los Santos, Sightings restaurant at the Los Santos International Airport, Portola Drive, Los Santos City Hall, Vinewood Sign, Rancho Towers in South Los Santos, and Gentry Manor Hotel at Eclipse Boulevard.