Cinty Lisiva

Assumed office 
18 July, 2012
Constituency Valencia South and North Erwes
Majority 42.5%
Preceded by Jirstir Carbrig

Assumed office
30 June, 2013
Governor Armando de la Saña
Preceded by Position established

Personal details
Born (1970-09-29) September 29, 1970 (age 48)
Chisec, Guatemala
Nationality Alconbria Alconbrian
Constituency Valencia South and North Erwes
Political party Alconbria People's Party
Spouse Ferwick Lisiva (m.2000)
Children 5
Residence 2000 Racetrack Road, South Samoca
1429 Aonfil Manor, Rutherford Drive, Valencia
Alma Mater Alconbrian University of Gvonn (MA)
Net worth Increase §64.82 million (2016)
Profession Actress, Comedienne, Producer, Scriptwriter
Religion Modern Orw'fejism

Military service
Nickname Big Liz
Allegiance Alconbriaold Territory of Alconbria
Alconbria Alconbria
Service/branch Milinaz
Years of service 1992 – 2000 (active)
Rank Corporal
Awards Premio Galanteco

Cinty Ersviv Lisiva (née Semor; born 26 September 1970) is an Alconbrian actress, comedian, producer, scriptwriter and a member of parliament, representing the APP from Valencia South and North Erwes. She began appearing in Alconbrian television in the late 1990s, and gained nationalwide attention for her performance in the adult comedy Sentos Jerfila (1998 – 2003).

She was put into reserve service in 2000, and she used that to kickstar her television career. She played Mrs. Salazar in Derva (2000 – 2012), and was cast as Mona Risven in Kudum Hazing! (2000 - 2008), which immensely boosted her popularity and won her several accolades and awards. She began her screenwriting career by writing the script for the two successful films Flexxar and Jesca, and also for Jesca II: Rev je Soder. She also produced several animated films through her production company, Lizzy Pictures. She also produced the controversial film, Burdo Fonac (2009) which is widely described as a racist pro-Alconbrian propaganda film which dehumanizes Malpuros and other Central Americans. The film was banned in Guatemala, her country of birth; as well as Altivebrio and Nicaragua.

She began her political career in December 2011, when she joined the Alconbria People's Party. She won 92.5% of the total votes for the Léialegis seat of the constituency of South Valencia and North Erwes, after its previous holder died. In 2013, she was made the inaugural Minister of Education of the Metsarbarros, and used her powers to close down all schools and educational institutions in the Metsarbarros.

She describes herself as a right-wing populist, pro-Sklori, pro-Nacioism, pro-economy and racial purist, and holds anti-Christian views.


Early lifeEdit

Cinty Ersviv Ez Semor was born on 26 September 1970 to Alconbrian refugees Erv Lisiva and Chanela Germo in Chisec, Guatemala. Her father, Erv Lisiva was an important figure in the oil extraction business of the Guatemalan government in Chisec, and used his expertise to help the government to illegally extract oil and sell it in the black market in exchange for Guatemalan citizenship, funds and stability. In 1979, her father became the chairman of the Chisec Oil Company and used his influence to make his wife the Governor of the Alta Verapaz Department, and later as the Minister of Health of Guatemala, from 1980 till 1989.

She and her mother moved to 1989 after her resignation following the entry of Guatemala into the Alconbrian War of Independence. She lived in Guzmancamparo, but moved to Gvonn after the city was liberated in 1991, where she studied at the Alconbrian University of Gvonn, and came ninth in her class.

Military serviceEdit

She was conscripted into the Milinaz, the intelligence wing of the Military of Alconbria in 1992, where she worked initially as a radio operator, and later helped in decoding enemy radio transmission and intelligence gathering, and from 1995, worked in transmitting top-secret messages from the headquarters to the newly captured territories.

It is alleged that she provided information to the Balib, which resulted in thousands of Malpuro and Altivebrian civilians being killed as they were mistaken as insurgents. It was also alleged that several Alconbrian commanders had asked her to willfully provide fake information, sometimes making up fake evidences after certain massacres to justify the massacres and war crimes committed by the Military of Alconbria.

She also was the head of a Sise Garantii bureau in Ursiez from 2005 till her retirement in 2010.

She was promoted to a corporal in 1999, and in 2000, was made a reservist on her will, to kickstar her filmography career. She was honorably discharged in 2010, following 18 years of total service.

Acting careerEdit


She made her first small-screen appearance in 1998, when she played a lazy nurse in Bosan Arjer's comedy Porst Sidost (1998), and as a snobby wealthy socialite in Arjer's Beverly (1998). She was then cast as an Altivebrian woman who abused Alconbrian minors in the war film Zivor Sisilta (1999), and as the main character's boss in Mr. Francis (1999 - 2001), which won her several praises.

Her second main role was in Derva (2000 - 2012), in which she played award-winning character Mrs. Salazar, who was co-written by her. She then played Princess Cela in the historical drama Clock of Axrej (2001), which won her a Golden Roza for best female debut in 2002. She resumed her role for the film's sequel, Clock of Axrej II: Inrej Birs (2008), which won her four Sorvis awards. She then performed another role as an antagonist in the film, Survoj Senmorta (2003), in which she played Maria Torres, a fictional President of Altivebrio loosely based on Miguel de Odeo and Delphia de Odeo y Guardiola who orders for the extermination of all Alconbrian people following the collapse of the Protectorate of Alconbria in 1927. In an interview, she said that she was reluctant to play that role, and cried when she was first presented the script, but agreed to play the role with her best efforts so that the world could get a glimpse of the suffering and persecution faced by the Alconbrians. In a bold move, she prevented her from getting nominated for any award for that film, and did not accept her salary, instead telling the producers to donate it to the Alconbrian Organization.

She is well known for her role as Mona Risven in the highly successfull television series Kudum Hazing!, which ran from 2000 till 2008, and also acted in two feature films based on the series, titled Cin Hazing! (2004) and Kudum Hazing the Movie! (2010).

Over the years, she has also starred in successfull television shows like Sherlock of Sheriz (2004–2010), Poziel Erwos Sinhasin (2005 –), Serla (2006–2011), Monter (2002–2009), Copen (2001 – 2017) and Madam Minister(2012–2015), and also in films such as Monsters (2003), Terov Sijkon (2005), University Diaries (2007), its sequel University Diaries II (2010), Iltrono (2007), Advora Arctic (2009), Sileri Ino Queva (2011), Sigar (2011) and Rainbow Over Randa (2013).

She has won over 50 awards relating to the field of television and movies.

Political careerEdit


Cinty signing an autograph before attending a weekly constituency meeting, c. 2013.

On recommendation from her husband, she joined the Alconbria People's Party in 2008, and joined the Gizerta Alconbrian Phrutos as a public relations officer in the same year. She used her production company, Lizzy Pictures to produce propaganda films for the government, the APP and the GAP.

In 2009, she met Rodned Carsenner while managing a SG bureau in Ursiez, Prelvia, where he encouraged her to expand her operations into the Metsarbarros to eliminate political opposition to the APP from any Malpuro-parties, and also provide intelligence services to the future Alconbrian settlements. There, she started a project which led to the execution of over 30 high-level Malpuro politicians and the imprisonment of over 2000 Malpuros in the Metsarbarros, and led to an APP to the 2009 Metsarbarros elections.

Inspired by this, she told high-ranking APP member Kesrolek Ernomen that she wanted to be a member of the Léialegis, and Ernomen suggested that she should get sufficient training from other party members. In 2012, she had default MP from North Erwes, UPP politician Jirstir Carbrig imprisoned, and contested in the subsequent by-election, in which she won 92.5% of the votes; with the elections obviously being rigged by the SG. She had SG poison the current MP from South Valencia and then under the Corb Act, seized power and united both constituencies and became the Alconbrian MP from South Valencia and North Erwes in 2012.

Much like other politicians, she enforced Alconbrian Only policies, and catered to only Alconbrian interests, and in an interview said that "grievances of Malpuros aren't worth listenting to, for since they are not even humans". In her first Léialegis session, she voted for the Jutten-Rovan Act, which allowed the wards to tax the Malpuros for being responsible for terror attacks against the Alconbrians, and the Malpuro Laws Bill.

She voted for both the invasion and annexation of Belize, and for the War in Central America. She also voted for the Annexation of Insirtaen.

Political viewsEdit

Views on SkloriEdit

Lisiva is a fervent supporter of the sklori system, and has spoken heavily in favor to it, including her 2009 Unor Rid Zveta speech, which is credited to have boosted her popularity.

Personal lifeEdit

Cinty Lisiva married Ferwick Lisiva, her former college mate in a private ceremony in her barracks in 2000, and they together have 5 children. The first two, twins Firsot Lisiva and Firsov Lisiva, born in 1994, are members of the Sorjoks, a pop band. She then gave birth to a daughter, Ez Lisiva in 1999 who acted as a child artist in 12 films. Her first child after marriage is Emmanuel Lisiva, born in 2006 and her last child is a girl called Sirila Lisiva, born in 2012.

Cinty is a strict Modern Orw'fejism follower, and performs eskorth two times a day and torhic every thursday., and is also a vegetarian since 2015. She also completely avoids alchohol, calling it "an Altivebrian invention to enslave the Alconbrians". She is a member of the Alcacer Comedy Club, Alcacer Boating and Sailing Club as well as the Gvonn Riflers Association. She donates 2% of her salary per movie to scientific and medicinal research conducted in Alconbria, and another 2% to the Society of Alconbrians.



According to her declaration to the Léialegis Election Committee, she was worth around §59 million in 2012. As of 2016, she is estimated to be worth around §65 million, while her husband has a net worth of §8 million. As of 2013, she charges §15 million per film, and earns §100,000 per month as her salary for being a member of parliament.

She lives in a 45-acre modernist mansion located in Racetrack Road in the Alconbrian settlement of South Samoca in the Metsarbarros. She travels to New Alcacer via a chartered private plane originating from Kerinoven Jersinotoer airfield, or to her office in Lenwerrs through the same plane. She also owns a private luxury helicopter, which is always escorted by 2 helicopters belonging to the SA poperfendivado. Prior to acquiring the mansion in 2013, she lived in the Aonfil Manor, a house which belonged to an Altivebrian aristrocrat, constructed sometime in the nineteenth century, located in Valencia. She visits the house in every alternate days, when she visits her constituency.

She has a motorcycle license, and owns a custom-made chopper made out of gold and silver with diamonds studded in it. She also owns a 2007 Harley Davidson Electra Glide classic, gifted to her by Brian Jersey.


She has been criticised for her health, having a BMI of 37.2 in 2011. In 2015, it was revealed that she was diagonised type 2 diabetes. In the same year, she used the Border Security Force to arrest and force a blogger to disappear after he mocked her for the weight. The blogger, who lived in Aurto, was highly critical of Altiver's government, and wanted peace with the Malpuros, justifying her abuse of power. In an interview in 2017, she said that she shed off 14 kilos since 2012, and later began advocating healthy exercises and diets. In 2006, she slipped in her toilet and fell into the tub, cracking it.



Awards & HonoursEdit