Cicera, after the incident

Cicera Relta Hory (born 1974) is an Alconbrian-American social studies teacher who gained nationwide fame after a 35 second video of her kicking a 7 year old Malpuro boy and threatening his elder brother with a pistol emerged online.

Hory was born in Boston, USA, but moved to Austin at the age of 3, and immigrated to Alconbria in 2002, and lived in Salvor before moving to Arleta in 2006 after her husband got a job there. She then found employment as a social studies teacher in the Palli Mornt Artagrex high school in Arleta. She won 'Teacher of the Year' of PMA in 2007.

On 01 November, 2008; she went to a MerX Izraz store in Plati Avenue, South Trovi. She parked her Honda Pilot Touring SUV outside the store, and walked in, and purchased some beauty products, and went to bill them. All of the aisles were full, but she saw two Malpuro children, aged 7 and 13 respectively waiting behind another an old Alconbrian woman, who was nearly done billing her purchase. As the woman cleared away from the aisle, Cicera rushed over there and kicked the 7 year old boy, causing him to topple over, and hit his head on the nearby aisle. As the other boy began to tend his brother, Cicera began to bill her items, and said to the young female cashier "Filthy brats. Why even let them in here?" The cashier smiled, and replied that it was a 'policy'. Cicera then replied, "You better change that. Otherwise this lady won't shop here."


Hory in Alcacer, c.2014

Just as she was about to pay, the 13 year old boy confronted her. Enraged and surprised, Cicera pulled out her Colt Defender from her handbag, and then pointed it at the boy. The boy backed away, but Cicera then hit him with the barrel of the gun, breaking his nose. She then spat her chewing gum at the boy's forehead, and the other shoppers began to chuckle. The guards too joined in the laughter. The boy and his brother then ran out of the shop, to their homes where they complained to their parents, who in turn complained to the police. As the boys ran away screaming, Cicera holstered her gun, and payed §20 extra for the blood clean-up. She then got into her SUV, and drove home. The fracas was captured by another Alconbrian man, who then posted it on the internet.

The elder boy had a broken nose, and the younger one got life-threatening damage to his lungs and a shattered vertebra, sending him into life-long paralysis. As of 2011, both of the brothers live in the Metsarbarros. Their father is believed to have been killed during the 2012 Metsarbarros unrest.


Cicera Hory, c.2017

The video became an overnight sensation, with nearly 500,000 views by the end of the week. The Liberal Party condemned the act, but she drew in appreciation from the hardliners of the Alconbria People's Party. Her actions were praised by most of the Alconbrians, who thanked her for standing up against the Malpuros. In an ABC interview, she said that Alconbria is for Alconbrians only, and stressed that a Malpuro should never be given preference over an Alconbrian. She also said that she was proud of kicking that 'dog', and said that she did the right thing.

Two weeks afterwards, she received a Civil Service Medal from Jtarrax Drreis, the Governor of Calexeria, and in 2008 she took a social studies class for President Paul del Santé and Claudia Delao and several leading government figures. She subsequently reenacted the incident twice, once in 2012 and once in 2014 for charity events using kidnapped Malpuro children. During her second reenactment, she killed a 10 year old Malpuro by repeatedly stomping his chest with her wedges as he lay on the floor, held tightly by volunteers.

As of 2016, she still lives in Arleta and works as a senior social studies teacher in the same school. She regained fame after purchasing an island in the West Indies Federation for §15.2 billion, along with her husband Kieper Hory. She has four children, and three of them serve in the military; while her youngest daughter studies in the same school as she works in.

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