Mail Building, Chocar Prison, c.1971

The Chocar Prison was the largest prison in Altivebrio. As of 2009, the Chocar Prison is a medium security detention centre in Alconbria.

In 1962, the Caburez Brigade broke into the Chocar Prison in Altivebrio and freed over 2,000 imprisoned Alconbrians in one of the largest prison breaks in history. Over 300 Altivebriian police officers were killed, while the Brigade lost 59 militants. The Caburez Brigade was unable to release all of the captured Alconbrians.

During the La Limiepza, the prison housed 48,000 Alconbrians, compared to the prison's designed capacity of 9,000 inmates. Around 50 Alconbrian prisoners were executed by hanging daily from 1965 till 1972.

In 1988, the prison was captured by the Military of Alconbria following the Altivebrian defeat in the Battle of Cimacolinas. Alconbrians in detention were freed, and the Chocar Prison began to house Altivebrian civilians.

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