One of the entrances to Chinatown.


Chinatown marked a map.

Chinatown is a neighbourhood of Crasigvein district of Warcrest City. Chinatown has a large ethnic population of Chinese and East Asians, hence the name. Chinatown is a mixed medium to large density district, with unequal mixes of residential, commercial and industrial areas.

Chinatown is located on the west side of Crasigvein, and shares borders with Zenobia, Avor and Carverville. It is the third largest neighbourhood of Crasigvein.


Chinatown is the home of the Warcrest City Triads, and as a result of this has a moderate crime rate. Besides the Triads, Chinatown also has a presence of the Da Nang Boys. There is a high police patrol in the area, since Chinatown is also one of the main tourist attractions of Crasigvein.

The Triads have the Chinatown Docks as one of their fronts.

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