Charles Davidson Bronsell (born July 20, 1933), more commonly known as Charlie Bronsell is an American automobile engineer, businessman, industrialist, financier and author who is widely known to have played an important role in mobilizing the masses of the United States of America.

Charlie is also an automobile engineer, and worked as a designer for various car companies including Bravado, Declasse, Vapid and Canis. Even after retirement, he still continues to oversee and assist in various car designs.

Charlie founded the Automobile Association of America, a car-manufacturers conglomerate in 1956, when he was just 23 years old. The Association syndicated all major car manufactures of America, unified production and made American car makers have a monopoly over car sales in the world, especially in the Asian and African countries.

Charlie is a member of the elite and wealthy Bronsell family, and is the son of former Senator Keith Bronsell, Sr., as well as the brother of the former Chair of the Union Depository, Lewis Bronsell and private military mogul and founder of the Praeda Corporation, Keith Bronsell, Jr.. As of 2009, Charlie's net-worth is around $40 billion.


Early life and EducationEdit

Charles Bronsell was on July 20, 1933 born to Keith Bronsell, Sr., a former US Senator and former US Secretary of Energy and Elsa Hewitt-Bronsell, former three-time governor of North Virginia. He is the middle son of the family.

Charlie stood first in his school, and earned his degree in Vespucci University, coming in first in results.

As a child, Charles was skilled in disassembling and reassembling various mechanical objects,and also had a great interest in motor vehicles, and occasionally made friends with people who owned cars.


Vapid Motor CompanyEdit

Charles joined the Vapid Motor Company immediately after obtaining his degree, at the age of 19 in 1952.

Bronsell's first designed car which was mass produced was the 1952 Vapid Revelation, which was powered by the Vapid V8 G18 engine, entirely designed by a team led by Bronsell. The Revelation sold extremely well in the United States, thanks to it's cheap pricing, lesser maintanence costs as well as it's reduced fuel consumption and a 'power mode'.

Later, Bronsell also redesigned the Vapid Fortune series, boosting the car sales upto 220%, as well as making it the car of choice for various luxury airlines and weddings.

In 1955, he was promoted to an executive job in Vapid, and also started the Vapid Billboard campaign, as well as 'Rapid for the Vapid' marketing ploys, and in 1957, Vapid vehicles dominated the American and Mexican car market.

Automobile Association of AmericaEdit

In 1958,

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