Charles Durham Hornigold (born 11 April, 1940) is a British-Alconbrian economist, trader, businessman and politician who is Alconbria's first Minister of Trade Committee, which represents local businessmen, as well as handles international trade.

Hornigold was born in United Kingdom, a third generation Alconbrian immigrant mother and a Scottish father. He moved to the Territory of Alconbria in 1992, and joined the planning commission, and also handled internation relations, especially with the United States of America and the European Union. He received honours for his contribution to diplomacy.

In 2008, after independence, he joined the Liberal Party, but moved to the Alconbria People's Party in 2009. He married Stella Hornigold in 1963, and they both have four children - William Hornigold, Paul Hornigold, Laura Hornigold and Kate Hornigold, and he has 12 grand children.

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