Central American Defense Coalition
Coalición de Defensa Centroamericana
Herdenzo Krek-Amerika es Col
MottoOrzes Voit
FormationFebruary 2, 2014; 3 years ago (2014-02-02)
Founded atNew Alcacer
TypeMilitary alliance
HeadquartersHavana, Cuba
South America
Membership (2014)
Alconbria Alconbria
Cuba Cuba
Dominican Dominican Republic
Jamaica Jamaica
Mexico Mexico
Official language
John Roberts
Oliviero Luna
Expenses (2016)$726 billion

The Central American Defense Coalition, abbreviated as the C.A.D.C. is an intergovernmental regional collective defense, political and economic treaty between Alconbria, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Mexico, in force since February 2014.

The CADC effectively eliminated the borders between these countries, and aided in the militarization of Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. The CADC jointly invaded it's neighbouring countries, resulting the 2014 War in Central America; which was ultimately won by the Coalition. After Alconbria's military campaigns into Panama, and subsequently, into South America, the CADC countries were subjected to an international blockade. Due to the strategic failure of the South American governments, the Alconbrians easily swept through the continent.

As a result of this, Alconbria was invaded by a US-led coalition in 2014. All member nations sent their armed forces to intervene supporting Alconbria. The Dominican Republic mobilised it's troops, but did not actually send them to fight the UN-coalition. The CADC countries, unfortuntely lost the war, and Alconbria was subject to an UN occupation.

Though the Treaty of New Alcacer said so, the CADC was never dissolved, and played a major part during the Second Alconbrian Wars, and eventually during World War III.

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