"Freeze, assholes! You all are under-arrest for sponsoring terror."
―Moreno, confronting Dave Norton, 2016.

Carlson Moreno (1987 – 2016) was an American IAA agent, who was killed by Federal Investigation Bureau agent Dave Norton after he attempted to bust the latter smuggling weapons to aid an insurgency in a foreign nation.


Events of SLSSEdit

Carlson Moreno worked for the Internation Affairs Agency, and knew about the agency's secret operation of selling dangers weapons and other potential 'cargo' to aid insurgents and terrorists around the world.

In 2016, Federal Investigation Bureau agent Dave Norton blackmailed Los Santos Vagos gangster Hector Martinez into stealing the cargo from a heavily protected airplane salvageyard in Blaine County. The gangster does so, and brings the cargo to the Port of Los Santos. Moreno somehow obtained the information about the FIB operation, and took a squad to capture Norton and Martinez loading the cargo. Moreno quickly runs to the location of Norton and confronts him, but he is immediately shot in the head by Norton, and a massive two-way firefight between the FIB and the IAA mercenaries took place, with the FIB emerging as the victors.

The FIB ship left the harbour the following day.

Mission AppearancesEdit

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