"You loco, holmes? Que coño. Chinga a tu madre. Asshole. Usted no me puede matar ... "
―Carlos Vega to Hector Martinez, shortly before the former's death, 2016.

Carlos Vega y Reyes (1994-2016) is a high ranking gangster of the Los Santos Vagos and one of the secondary antagonists of Turning Tides. Carlos is the protege of Franco Martinez and using the latter's influence, managed to gain the position equal to a lieutenant gangster at the age of 20. Carlos expressed a distaste towards his mentor's younger brother, Hector Martinez.

Carlos owned a Buccaneer, which he sold after it broke down. Sometime before the events of Turning Tide, he purchases a lowrider Voodoo Custom with the license plate 'MNYHNYSL'.


Carlos' Tornado Custom.

Carlos had an heated argument with fellow gangster Ricardo de la Rosa, and ended up killing Ricardo. In retaliation, Hector chases and kills Carlos.


Carlos is comparatively shorter and thinner than Hector or Franco, and wears calf-length chino trousers with a blue and yellow striped oversized t-shirt. Carlos also wears a yellow bandana with a black skull. Carlos has the word SOUL MONEY tattooed in his lower abdomen, and has a tattoo of the baby Jesus in his right arm. Among others, he has tattoos of his Voodoo Custom, an AK-47, various Spanish writings, an unnamed woman, tear drop tattoos and a tattoo of a burning playing card in his lower left leg. Carlos sports a buzz cut and always wears sunglasses.


  • Ho Sung-soo mispronounces Carlos' name as 'Carlos Vegay Reyes', caused due to the two last names used by Mexicans.
  • Carlos is not related to Apolonio Vega.
  • Carlos had an affair with a Vinewood-based fashion designer, however he abandoned her after he discovered that she had given birth his daughter. She decides to press charges against him, so Hector reluctantly agrees to kill her and dispose her body in the Pacific Ocean.