Unofficial Flag of the Caburez Brigade.

The Caburez Brigade was the militant wing of the Alconbrian nationalist organization, the Organizo de Liveri Egaleco. It was formed in 1954, and was officially dissolved in 1974, after the La Limpieza ended; though the troops were still reported to be active as far as 1984.

In 1962, the Caburez Brigade broke into the Chocar Prison in Altivebrio and freed over 2,000 imprisoned Alconbrians in one of the largest prison breaks in history. Over 300 Altivebriian police officers were killed, while the Brigade lost 59 militants. In 1965, they unsuccesfully tried to assassinate President Roberto Terrezo in Nuevo Seville.

In 1968, the Caburez Brigade gained autonomy from OLE, and achieved total independence in planning and decision making. This was to prevent the OLE for being held responsible for the former's activities. The Caburez still, however remained as a part of the OLE.

In 1970, the Caburez Brigade bombed the University of Ciudad la Morenzo, killing over 200 Altivebrian students and staff. They subsequently razed the campus and built a memorial for the deceased Alconbrians. They also kidnapped Altivebrian actor Lorenzo Altiorrez and Chief Judge Hacer Golfillo for ransom in the same year.

The Caburez Brigade are infamous for their kidnapping and execution of former Altivebrian Vice-President Delphia de Odeo y Guardiola in 1972.

Their income is mainly thorough extortion, contract killing, kidnapping, ransom, robbery, smuggling, illegal drug dealing, public funding, art robbery and pillaging. They were designated as a terrorist organization by Altivebrio, Costa Rica and Guatemala

According to the SNI, the last of the militants of the Caburez Brigade joined it's ally Arporleber in 1984, shorltly before the beginning of the Altivebrian Civil War.

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