The Bronsell Mansion, Brydesville, Alderney.

The Bronsell family is a wealthy Alconbrian-American family of politicians, billionaires, socialites and business executives.

The family are of mainly Alconbrian, as well as Spanish, Canadian, English and French ancestries.

As of 2016, the Bronsell family's combined assets are reported to worth around $555 trillion USD.

Family membersEdit

Modern Bronsell familyEdit


The Bronsell family is known for spending a lot in the construction of their homes. Each of the Bronsell family members are reported to have their own skyscrapers, summer & winter mansions, beach houses and vacation houses. The family members don't openly admit their owned properties, and according to Susan Bronsell, "You are only a Bronsell if you own more than 15 homes and only stay in one of them for a week, or so."

Below is a few of the well known Bronsell residencies.


The Bronsells are the wealthiest family in America, with a total net worth of over $555 trillion. Even though nearly all the members have denied, independent organizations have found out that the family has an out of proportion control over the government of the United States, as well as several other countries like Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Egypt, over 10 African countries, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Bangladesh, India and others. Besides, they also control parts of the European Union, and the United Nations and it's assosciated organizations including UNESCO, IMF, World Bank and others.

Edith Lyndon is the only member of the direct Bronsell family line to be elected President of the USA, though the past eight Presidents have known to be influenced by the Bronsells. A Bronsell delegation visits every elected head of state after swearing-in. They also control the country's judicial and law enforcement, as no Bronsell family member has ever been arrested, while most of ther 'opponents' are locked up for no reason.

Over 500 worldwide companies and corporations are Bronsell-owned, from diamond mining companies to automotive manufactures to computer companies to luxury fashion brands.


Gradwia conflictEdit

The Bronsell family ordered a military coup in the tiny African nation of Gradwia, after discovering the abundant diamond mines.