Brian Jersey (born 11 January, 1959) is an Alconbrian-American former war and commercial pilot and the current Minister of Aviation in Alconbria, appointed in 2008.

Brian Jersey was born to Peter Jersey and Samantha Jersey in Burlington, Vermont in the United States of America. His parents, both of Alconbrian ancestry were financers to several Alconbrian charities, but refrained Brian from moving to Altivebrio and helping the Alconbrians by-hand. But after the Third Altivebrian Civil War broke out in 1984, Jersey left Vermont and reached the Territory of Alconbria in 1988, and soon became a driving force in the establishment of an air wing of the Military of Alconbria. Utilizing flying techniques he learned in the States, Brian became one of the best pilots in the rudimentary air force and by 1993 undertook bombing missions.

He joined the United Party for Progression after independence, but was selected to be the Minsiter of Aviation because of his remarkable knowledge in that field. He married Camilla Roberts, another Alconbrian-American in 1992, and they both have 4 children.

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